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  • insidethebeehive insidethebeehive Nov 6, 2005 6:06 PM Flag

    Skies clearing...

    Thanks to all for the very reasoned discussion on why this stock will continue to be a winner.

    Whenever a stock attracts attention on Jim Cramer's T.V. show "Mad Money" like Vertex did a couple of weeks ago, two things usually happen:

    1.) A short term price upswing, followed by

    2.) Short selling and a price correction.

    I believe both steps have now been completed, leaving the short sellers still hanging on to a stock that is not going down.

    When those short sellers come to the realization that this stock is still in an uptrend, their buying should add additional fuel to the upside advance for this stock when they cancel out their positions.

    Best of luck to all..

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    • About side effects with standard Rx for HCV--your experience is what, when I was in practise, I used to call "EPBM"- everyone's patients but mine. With respect to treating people with HCV, EPBM got cured and had no problems--mine were never, yes I said never, cured and many had any of a host of problems, anemia, depression, flu-symptoms, etc. So as a retired doc, but nonetheless still interested follower, I am hoping for a non-toxic effective drug that will be sold at an affordable price. The market is big enough that big bucks can be made even if sold at compassionate pricing. Also, if the drug looks promising, there is a good chance for fast tracking by the FDA.

    • << I hope your symptoms have eased, as I have read they can be tough to leave as well. >>

      I hope the best for you as well Murdr (interesting handle BTW!).

      Taking interferon is like reving up the immune system to full throttle and it took a hard toll on me. I also had terrible side effects during Tx and it took over a year for my system to return to normal. For the longest time I felt very run-down, tired and depressed. Most people in the trial did better than I as far as sides. On a good note I have read that even if Tx fails, at least it can give the liver a rest and can make the liver somewhat more resilient to damage!

    • I hope your symptoms have eased, as I have read they can be tough to leave as well.
      The average person has no idea how bad the current treatment can be. Some have said the symptoms of the cure was worse than what they felt beforehand.
      Having said that, the average investor may not realize how many people with HCV are waiting for better drugs, this one in particular in most cases, before they treat. That is why analysts agree that the % of people undergoing treatment will rise in a few years. I think they may underestimate it-those with the virus will in effect BECOME a sales force as they walk into their doc's office, maybe even PCP's, and ask for this treatment.

    • stymie,
      with all of these doubts and contrary statements you make, why do yoy invest in vrtx?
      you seem to have so much doubt

    • pumps/ your money..make your own your own person..don't talk to strangers..or listen..gene

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