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  • Isaac_dj Isaac_dj Dec 20, 2005 9:33 PM Flag


    Currently, MRK (VX-680 collaboration) and Roche (must be interested in VX-950) are the most likely to ACQUIRE VRTX.

    MRK has just stated that it wants to ACQUIRE mid-size BIOTECH companies that can enrich its pipeline. VRTX, which has had some COLLABORATION with MRK (mainly VX-680 -- aurora kinase inhibitors against cancer), FITS THAT DESCRIPTION.

    Keep in mind that Joshua Boger, the CEO of VRTX, was a RESEARCH manager at MRK before he founded VRTX. And he still has STRONG CONNECTIONS at MRK.

    In addition, since MRK is obviously looking for a BIOTECH company with a very STRONG PIPELINE, there are very few companies that fit that description. And VRTX clearly does.

    The following is from an interview of MRK's CEO, Richard Clark, by NBR on 12/15/05. Read it CAREFULLY:

    "GHARIB [interviewer]: You targeted today nine disease areas that Merck is going to be focused on. Are you considering to make any acquisitions that will help you advance your execution in reaching these goals?

    CLARK: Yes. I think an important part of our strategy is that in all nine diseased areas, if there is a targeted acquisition that can help us from a science standpoint or it can help us from a revenue standpoint in those areas, we will certainly take a look at it.

    GHARIB: How large might these acquisitions be?

    CLARK: We`re certainly not talking about large mergers or acquisitions of that magnitude, but we`re talking about BIOTECH companies, mid-sized companies the may be able to help us in a research standpoint as well on a science and marketing standpoint." (See link below)

    AS FOR THE ACQUISITION PRICE, I doubt anyone can ACQUIRE VRTX for less than $40/share given the IMPRESSIVE DATA of VX-950 (HepC), VX-702 (cardiovascular, RA), and VX-680 (cancer).

    It will all be history soon.

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