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  • ajitmd2000 ajitmd2000 Feb 17, 2006 2:12 PM Flag


    In reading your posts, I get the impression that you are negative on the VX-950, risky, too my hype on the stock. I do agree that the drug has risk, but reasonable chance of success. And you like IDIX and it would useful to have objective views on their pipeline.

    My guess is that you are quite knowledgeable... so why not give us objective views on the topic as well as discuss IDIX HepC drug. The strenghts and weakness of both.

    I looked at IDIX and their nucleoside analog approach. It could be a winner too. The drug may need longer treatment and could have hi success rates as well. Then there is the issue of mutants and drug resistance as well.

    The market cap of IDIX is very low considering the stage of the development. What is the market missing? Norvartis obviously believes in them.


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    • forgive the previous post. posted on the wrong board

    • <It will be interesting to see how things evolve if I am fortunate to be still around. >

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    • Communism was actually good for the United States. It kept Soviet Union, China backwards. They were saddled with ineffective goverment and could not product enough grain, industrial products, etc. They even had to buy food, manufactured product from the US.

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      It will be interesting to see how things evolve if I am fortunate to be still around.

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    • there is a place for's called france

    • It is common for those who attain SVR to see a reversal of fibrosis and reduction in scores. There are articles out there that I don't have linked on improvements for those with cirhosis too. Maybe someone has links to those.
      As you know, the liver has good regenerative abilities. There are probably others on here who can answer that more in-depth.

    • After a patient is treated with SOC and is successful, enzymes come down, etc... what happens to the liver? How much of it regenerates? How much scarring, cirrhosis, remains?

      Occasionally, I see some patients with overt liver insufficiency due to HepC... icteric, low albumin, elevated LFTs, ascitis, etc. They probably could take SOC... I refer them to the ID folks. I wonder how much benefit VX-950 with IFN would do to such patients in such an acute end-stage condition.

      Any ID/GI folks in the house?

    • I can't give you a real good definition on ACR 20, but that is the measure of effectiveness. ALT is Alanine Aminotransferase. It is a marker used to indicate liver injury. A number above normal (varies by lab) indicates cell death. As stymie once noted, it is not the virus that injures the liver, it is the immune response. In HCV, as the infected liver cells are killed off, ALT leaks into the bloodstream.
      There are many reasons why ALT's could be elevated though. Alcohol use is one reason, and a number of medicines can do it as they can be harmful to the liver.
      An elevated ALT is an indicator of inflammation, which if you recall any cholesterol ad, they warn you about liver issues, etc. They are known to raise levels.

      Taking that to 950, there is something that didn't get much press here. On SOC, enzymes usually drop pretty quickly, and the liver starts to heal. Some have speculated that IFN is helpful to the liver regenerating.
      VRTX announced last fall results showing how quickly 950 got ALT's and AST's down. It was much faster than SOC, and in a higher percentage of people. Maybe IFN isn't what helps the liver heal, maybe it is just not having the virus actively replicating there.

      As an interesting off topic note, PFE actually has a drug (prob. late phase 2 or phase 3) that is designed just to reduce liver inflammation-to protect the liver. I don't remember which biotech they bought, but that biotech was developing it at the time, now PFE has it.

    • Does my memory serve me correctly, that ACR 20 is a measure of the patient's impression of pain? And what is ALT?

      Thanks, MML

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