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  • gladpick gladpick Mar 9, 2006 8:14 AM Flag

    this may have been posted already

    but in case you did not read it, here is an analyst's take on the 702 news:

    ["This could be a case of sell on the news. Also, maybe people had been spoiled with the stellar data they had on VX-950," said Joe Pantginis, an analyst at Canaccord Adams, referring to clinical trials of the company's experimental treatment for hepatitis C.

    Vertex shares have risen some 29 percent since the hepatitis C data was announced in early January.

    "This study is positive, but it is just the first stepping stone," Pantginis said. He noted that the results reflect just three months of treatment with VX-702 alone, while other rheumatoid arthritis drugs have been tested in 6-month trials in combination with the standard drug, methotrexate.]

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    • Sharepst,
      Don't pay attention to DIFAL. These are the kind of people who are so afraid of the truth that they wear white sheets will 2 holes in them (very riduculous!). Just like they hide behind the electronic veil of yahoo.

      When I came to America a few years ago, I could not how they could have this kind of thinking here after going to the moon, etc.

      Fact of the matter is that she is ventilating against VRTX by spining facts out of context. She has no credibility.


    • >>Dullst, don't tell me, let me guess, You >>are a member of some minority group. Always >>at the ready to play the racist card. >>Listening and watching obsessively for the >>slightest glimmer of racism.

      How did you figure that out ? You must be a GENIUS.

      Please DONATE your BRAIN for some research when you die for the sake of humanity ?

    • >The funniest thing would be if I were from >India myself and not a woman. You guys >believe everything you read.

      If you are from India, you would have never told Ajit to go back to where he came from.

      Please STOP SPINNING and LYING.

    • Ms DIFAL,
      What you are doing in these boards is despicable. Sure, you want to be short... that is your choice of values. But to post out of context info and try to twist and misinform is unethical. Then you keep harping on the same topics... I do not if it is intentional or you just remember.

      There are professional shorts who do excellent research. They go through the SEC filling in detail, check customers, products and do provide value... and keep their mouth shut. They did well with companies like Enron, WCOM, JDSU, etc. But that take honest research and effort, not just looking at charts and spreading inuendo.

      Yes, your ethnic remarks were irresponsible, but at least you should own up to them and not try to hide behind nuances, etc. I am sure if you met Sharepst is person or me, face to face, you would be extremely polite. Let us keep it that way here.


    • I am not DIFAL. I also respect your opinion. I also just read your chart opininion.

      Interesting comment on the 200 hour moving average.

    • I posted that before. Feel free to look for it. (BTW, it wasn't positive).
      The problem with you is, you and the other are probably the same person. That is why you only see credibility in her. You are the kind that doesn't respect other points of view.

    • Option Expiration Day- March 17th

      Erin Go Bragh

      In my opinion, DIFAL has the most credibility on this board.

      Hey Ewave what is the VRTX chart telling you?

    • You're gone all day, and now you emerge when the sun goes down. Climb out of your coffin to join us, did you?

    • Guys guys focus.

      enough fun.

      have you wondered why when dow goes up more than 100 points. nasdaq up more than 10 points and your favourite stock is down almost a dollar.

      Plus more pocket change after hours.


    • :-) You got me. :-)

      Those rick sob's give me tips and i make 10 times more money buying or shorting the stocks they tell me about than what they give me.


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