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  • tradingtourist tradingtourist Mar 15, 2006 1:36 PM Flag

    Sales $1.7 billion = 171 stock?

    Okay, so the analyst says Vertex's hep-c drug could rack up $1.7 billion in sales.

    The industry average valuation is 11x sales. So that would mean vrtx capitalization should be about 1.7 x 11 = $18 billion.

    Market cap now is $4 billion. If this is all correct, vrtx shares should be valued at 4.5 times (18/4 ) more than they are now, or 171/share.

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      I. Fly. A. DESK. Don't you forget it.

      Ammo .... firearms training .... Secret Service ...SOG...."fight or flight spasm reflex" ..... and you're calling be a bully? MMMmmmmm baby, say it to me again.



    • MurdrTOPGUNwannabe, Nope, no perpetual motion machine. I hold 22 us patents now, 12 involve firearms, 4 for a special back pack, 2-tent 2 fly fishing pole, 2 picture frame widgets.

      My "service preferance"? US Army Rangers SOG-CTO-FSTDPLY. I guess your flying a bus now?

      As for your threat of comming to my street, I hope you bring plenty of ammo, "maverick", I teach firarms training occasionally in Georgetown for the Secret Service/others. I have 2 published shooting books. I'll give you a hint, I pioneered the off verticle ergo style, as well as overcomming the "fight or flight spasm reflex". Now run along to your "crib" hard ass , you haven't a clue who I hang with. I have never liked bullies...especially SHORT ones. Aviators are always short arrogant punks.

    • Blood bank? That is even more risk, because the population can be even higher risk depending where you work and the exposure.

      I felt much better when I got the HepB vaccine in medical school. That is one big worry and I got collegues who had to stop practicing after the got nicked in surgey. Even with gloves it is difficult to protect from bone chips, or an occasional needle stick.

      HepC vaccine would make life easier... does anybody here have an update about the potential here? I get patients who test HepC+ frequently and have to be extra careful. Even knowing there is a tolerable cure would make life easier.

      I know for HIV the retrovirus make it difficult to make a vaccine... unless there is an antigen that remains contant. Years ago, even before the PI came in, I did notice that certain patients were HIV+ but still alive after years (10+)on no meds with few if any constitutional symptoms or even changes in the CBC, etc. My suspicion was that they either had a different genotype of the virus or they had resistance to the virus. Like any disease, they are usually self limiting because the wide human gene pool.

      Speaking on the gene pool... Iceland has nearly "uniform" gene pool, descendent from their Scandinavian roots. Only a small village has some Irish genes that got where when the Vikings pillaged Ireland and kidnaped Irish women and brought them to that location. A company called Decode Genetics is trying to make some products based on studies of their gene pool. Anyway, I think the cold and hostile environment must have selected out their weak genes, otherwise some disease would have wiped them out, especially with air travel, etc.

    • Shows you what, exactly? Does yours mean you have a Perpetual Motion machine, waiting in the wings, ready to go .... just those Damn Oil Companies won't let it on 'the market'?

      Don't make fun of my crib or I'll come park it on your street and live in <shudder> Utah for a while. <Hint: it's a SNL reference.>

      If you understood the USN&WR article to be faux news, why would you repeat the information here? Me thinks you be a Troll.

      Oh? And which branch of service is preferable? Any or is it a case of let someone 'lesser' and more expendable, serve.

      SEAL? Nope. Just a dumb aviator.....fucker.

    • Your handle, "MURDR2001" shows me a lot too. Sorry to hear you have HCV, but how did you "buy your shares from the van you live in by the river"? Sounds brilliant to me. And pal, you obviously didn't read my post that started the panty raid. If you have a problem with the "poverty" statement, blame US NEWS and world report, article was a couple of years ago. ANd, and, anyone that spends 10 years in the NAVY is an idiot. Don't tell me, let me guess, you were a NAVY SEAL.

    • That is the scary part in my line of work... too much risk from these viruses. I took HepB vaccine. Still got to worry about HepC, TB, HIV, etc.


      Seriously. I worked with blood samples for diagnostic testing in bulk (the big American Red Cross blood testing labs)... statistically, at least 1% of those tubes of blood were hot with something or other, and we would run thousands a day through the testing robots.

      We used to joke that you could always tell who was in the blood testing business, they wash their hands BEFORE going to the bathroom and touching anything personal.

      Its the airborne stuff you really have to watch out for, but my biggest fear was I would do something involuntary like rub my eyes and infect myself (even though we wore safety glasses). And vaccines just don't exist for a lot of this stuff.... one more reason to hope for a cure like VX-950...

      Luck to all...

    • The july 45 calls are a screaming buy as more news on vx950 drives her thru the roof!!!!

    • I hope you are right provided the pricing policy works for VRTX.

    • Yah.... I bought my shares from the van I live in, down by the river.

      I have HCV and find your.....stupidity, almost beyound belief. But then I heard that all the stupid people were:

      43/M/Salt Lake City, Utah and gosh, I looked at your profile and well ..... there's the proof.

      Vet, USN 1984-1994

    • Yes, those that do their best to save us (docs, nurses, firemen, police, EMT's, etc) do their job with greater risk than sometimes we realize.

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