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  • patentspending2002 patentspending2002 Mar 15, 2006 3:51 PM Flag


    This should be a good example of my opinion a couple of weeks ago that technical analysis (charts) are not a good determiner for small cap developmental stocks.

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    • I shouldn't infer that as a threat to my wife, should I?

    • Does your wife know where you hide your gun? You should remind her.

    • Am I LDS? Kind-of, I have respect, but I think Joseph Smith's interaction with "angel Moroni" was actually an alien encounter. Yep, I truly believe that. new friends should have a lot of fun with that one...

    • Mayfairy, who cares about an "adult profile"? I've never entered that site. Now as for "biker chicks", if you re-read my post, it was the "gotti-wannabes that were spitt'n on the floor, but I'll take a chick in leather on a bike any day...yummy...

      So you're an MD? No freak'n way, My sister is an Internal Med MD here in WONDERFUL Salt Lake City, Utah. Salt Lake has been named in the top 10 best places to live by various national publications for over 15 years. "London"? The second grimiest city on the planet. My heck, you're a brit. You know why brits are so darn ugly? Inbreeding. Britain/England with their colonial 'remapping' history is the main cause for every war on the planet. YEP, they are the ones that created the IRAQ we have today, abolishing the old nomadic lines, thus causing the turbulence. I saw a recent news clip on Prince Charles, he was referring to the crowd of people swarming around he and his sons on a skiing vacation as "bothersome peasants". What kind of society puts up with that? You 'wankers' treat them as gods. I wonder what will come to light after it is found he had a hand in the murder of Diana? You people should take the royals out in the town square and kick the arrogant sht out of them.

      Mom has been an RN for 50 years, I toyed with the idea of going for an MD had some offers, but your time is not yours, and telling people they are dying would haunt me. Life is too short. NOw as for your describing the neighborhood in London where you own a flat as "SWANKY", who the heck describes where they live as Swanky? I'm now picturing an Austin Powers wannabe, bad teeth and all. Cheerio!

    • NYC actually improved. I used to go there in the 1980s and it was full of graffiti on the walls and trains. The subways were particulary scary with all kinds of undesirables, loud music, etc. Plus muggings. Having been to many European capitals and even poor places in India did not have such a hostile atmosphere. My brother did residency there and in the short time got his car broken 3 times and robbed at gun point.

      Then years later, in the late 1990s I went to NYC again... the graffiti was gone, the subways were clean and normal people were using it. Big transformation. I guess law abiding citizens took control of the city.

      So things do get better, just like the market.

    • Sorry wind, you were not in my thought when I wrote that :-)

      I am still holding my IDIX shares.

    • Bro you really gotta get your drinking under control. I see you've got an Adult profile with no pic so I'm guessin you haven't had a shag in years. Even those grubby biker chicks in NY spitting on the floor didn't give you a second glance. So you go online in your soiled underwear and take out your endless frustration on the VRTX forum.....

      Not exactly a hairdresser, no. I'm an MD in Structured Products at a hedge fund.

      Mayfair is the swanky neighbourhood in London where I own a flat.

      Over and out. Now you're on ignore. Cya.

    • Mayfair, who's the smart one? One that spends 3 years in MANHATTAN and leaves, or the idiot that stays? Does the whole state decry evolution? I don't. I don't have more than one wife either. And based on your first paragraph, I'm not surprised you find pointless TA "interesting". You probably spend your lunch hour watching pigeons too.

      I'm not surprised that someone with "MAYFAIR" as their handle would be an ignore wussie. DOn't tell me, let me guess, you're either a hair stylist, or interior decorator. ...Did you like the stereotypical rhetoric in response to your "book learnin, and evolution" ignorance. New York, the dirtiest state in the US, I went to a bar one night, and spotted 4 guys just spitting lugies on the bar floor as they were talking to women. The scary part was that the Chicks didn't seem to mind...

    • I guess you don't have much time for all that book learnin' nonsense. Not too surprising from someone in a state that doesn't believe in evolution.

      If you don't like postings, put the poster on ignore. Your postings are becoming very annoying so that's what I'm doing with you.

      I find ewaves analyis really interesting. He isn't our financial advisor. He's just putting his ideas out there.

    • stymie, But the NEWS (fundamental analysis) is what caused people to BUY, thus causing the "breakout".

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