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  • irc203 irc203 Mar 16, 2006 11:05 PM Flag

    Conference Call

    Ian Smith said that only 5% of the people in the USA with HCV have sought treatment. He also said during the question and answer phase of the presentation that the equivalent price of VX-950 to the current standard of care would be between $40 and $60 thousand. He further indicated that VX-950 will command a premium to the cost of the current standard of care. How much? He said it is too early to tell. VRTX predicts that the HCV market will be $10 billion a year by 2010.

    Longs, be patient. You will be rewarded many fold over.

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    • IRC,
      Yes, you are right, there are many docs who are not well versed with every aspect of a disease. Many GI docs are too busy running a scope up somebody's colon+ biopsies 10-20x times, per day to do any reading... except for some academic types. Some got a real racket going.

      However, HepC is usually treated by Infectious Disease or Hepatologists. Between these folks in an academic type center like an university hospital clinic you should get good tx. A lot of the docs in private practice get antiquated fast.


    • You didn't offend me,- no need for an apology. If you go back and look at his post I think you will see that he was trying to undermine the validity of the arguement that Vertex will be able to charge $50,000 or more for VX-950 based on his assertion that if you abide by rules of clean living you won't need treatment for HCV, etc. That HCV is a benign disease and that VX-950 won't have much success against genotype 2. He claims, "The idea that a high number of patients are going to spend or find $50,000 per year somewhere for this relativley benign disease when good living will remove symptoms is a pipe dream." Then again, you could be right. There is an outside possibility that he is just extremely ignorant and that his remarks were those of an innocent. I just find it difficult that anyone interested in posting on this board that claims to have HCV would not know the basics of the life threatening disease that he claims to have. And if he doesn't own shares, why is he here?

    • sometimes a pinched nerve in the spine will cause pain in the side. It will occasionally radiate around the ribcage and will go down the hip and into the leg. Massaging the calves helps if it's sciatica.

    • Thanks. The thought of having a stone has crossed my mind. I was raking my lawn once and all of a sudden I had to drop to the ground and grimace because of the terrible pain in my side. And yes, it does radiate toward my back.

    • Yes, there is a lot of ignorance in his post and I am sorry for all of your troubles.
      And yes it is true that one can have a normal liver panel and have total liver destruction, while one with high enzymes etc., can have little damage. I was in this second category. Only a biopsy can tell the truth and I suggest it for anyone with this crud.

      However, it is a horrible diagnosis that if a person says he has it, and where he was not trying to bash the stock, perhaps just leaving it be would have been better.

      My appologies if I offended you, but at a distance, you can't tell if they are lying or not so giving the benefit of the doubt may have been the more sensitive approach.

      Finally, your situation once again proves to me that computers will one day replace many doctors as they don't make as many mistakes as the humanoid carbon units do.

    • It is interesting that when you found out you had HCV you wanted to find a corner to die in, or maybe a quick sicide. I had those thoughts and feelings too. Then I thought about taking the lives of those who I knew were corrupt, evil and not worthy of living thinking that before the Justice System could do anything about it, i.e., execute me, that I would already be dead. Good thing better judgment pre3vailed on all counts. I know where you are coming from. Don't be duped by wolves masquerading in sheeps clothing.

    • The man says he will buy some VRTX if the tests show SVR. Get real, the guy is a short or basher. Very sophisticated, but nonetheless insincere, to put it mildly.

    • Bullshit! I have HCV genotype 1. I was on Rebetron for 8 months. After three months, my viral load dropped 95%, but the virus was still present. This was in 1999. My Gastroenterologist did not know jack shit. He doubled the standard Rebetron dose. I became much sicker than I was before. At the 8 month mark, my viral load had actually increased. I stopped treatment due to the severe side effects, the worst of which were extreme fatigue and depression. Then in 2000, the leading expert at Shands talked me into trying it again. I did it for 2 months but could not continue because of the side effects. After 5 years of clinical depression caused by the interferon, I finally was pulling myself up out of the depression and was off anti depressants for the first time since 1999. My new Gastroenterologist convinced me to try Pegasys based on his appeals to my fear of dying prematurely from HCV. I am 53 years old. I took one shot of Pegasys and went into the deepest depression of my life. I could not get out of bed for days. It took me over 2.5 months to pull myself out of the depression with the use of Effexor. I am still on the anti depressant and fear I may be on it the rest of my life because of Interferon. Prior to treatment for HCV, I was not clinically depressed. I did not have a history of depression. Since Interferon, my life has been a living hell due to depression and associated symptoms such as extreme anxiety, including panic attacks.

      He is an idiot, if he has HCV and hasn't learned such basic facts such as genotype 1 is the most difficult of the geotypes to cure and that genotype 2 (which he claims to have) is much easier to cure. He further has the gall (ignorance) to suggest that because his liver panels are normal he is okay through clean living and those of us that do not have normal liver panels are some how to blame because of our lifesyles. What an idiot! You can have a normal liver panel and still be experiencing progressive liver fibrosis. I can not believe anyone that has HCV could be so ignorant about the subject since it is a deadly disease and most people are extremely interested in any illness that threatens their life. That is why I posted that I do not believe he was sincere in posting what he did.

      If anyone deserves an apology, I think it is me. And you are the one who owes it!

      I can sympathize with you regarding how you felt when you were first diagnosed with HCV. I was told I was dying when I was first diagnosed. My gastroenterologist was getting ready to retire and it showed in terms of his knowledge of HCV. I went out an leased a Porsche thinking it didn't matter if it was a practical decision or not since I was dying. (Actually it was the best misdiagnosis I ever received because without it I would not have leased the Porsche).

      The disease hangs over my head every day like a black cloud to some degree or another as it must for you too.

      I am very optimistic about my future because of VX-950. If it costs $65K or $650K, it will be a bargain as I know it will cure me and remove the cloud that is hanging over my head.

    • Just my 2 cents...The pain on your side if it radiates toward your back may be from a kidney stone with your age, caffeine intake, etc., especially if in the family. Ask your doc about a CAT scan or have your urine checked for blood. Good luck.

    • Mayfair, passion is entertaining. That's the draw of talk radio. If we rehash the same crap everyday waiting for news, it will get boring. as for,"We're all just here cos we want to make some $$$$" how can anyone make money from what is discussed here. The TA's only give 50-50 outcomes. Fundementals can be found in easier places to reach. I treat these boards as entertainment that hopefully confirms my investment thoughts.

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