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  • vxdude21a vxdude21a Apr 3, 2006 10:23 AM Flag

    VX-950 w/ interferon/riba is not a cure

    Most of you Idiots here have know idea what interferon/riba can do to a persons body in a lot of cases its much worse the HCV so your better off not even going on the shit and even some of those that clear where better off before!

    I don�t care if 5000 people went undetectable on vertex's vx-950 mixed with interferon and ribaviran undetectable don�t mean shit period!
    People have been doing interferon and ribavira and going undetectable for years only to relapse soon after quitting treatment, so far all vx-950 has done are up the percentage of those who go undetectable, I think I went undetectable at around 6-8 weeks on peg riba and stayed that way for 7 months before my body fell apart from the TOXIC POISON CALLED INTERFERON/RIBARIVAN.

    Here is what seems to be eluding most people they can only detect down to 50ppm of the virus believe And the little virus bastards are good at hiding out until the coast is clear them soon after treatment is stopped they can pop back out SO ����UNDETECTABLE DOES NO MEAN A CURE����, DO TO UNDERSTANDE THE WORDS THAT ARE COMING FROM MY MOUTH??? LOL

    VX-950 is just a add on pack of outdated decades old drugs that where never intended to be used on HCV but just happened to work kind of sort of if you could withstand the toxicity of them VX-950 IS NOT A CURE PERIOD!
    We need a real cure that targets the virus directly.

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    • A lot of the people on this board have a very good idea what the current treatment is like. I just did my final injection of a 56 week treatment last Friday.

      Your vehement posts against VX950 seem overwraught. Yes, peg+riba sucks. Yes, I would like to see VX950 tested without the riba (it sucks the most). Yes, undetectable does not mean cured.

      Undetectable also does not mean "not cured". Measuring viral RNA in the blood is the accepted measurement of anti-viral activity, and that plus time is the only measurement of "cure" I know of. Gathering that information is what trials are all about.

      A drug does not need to "cure" HCV (please tell me how cure is measured) in 100% of patients to be a successful drug. It only has to be significantly more effective than the other choices, and/or significantly better tolerated. It seems possible from the early information that VX950 can reach that level at a minimum. It clears the virus much more quickly than peg+riba alone, and short time to undetectable is an important predictor of SVR. It also has the potential to significantly reduce length of treatment. This would improve the tolerance of treatment. My personal experience with peg+riba is that I felt very few side effects until 4 months after starting, and it was 8 or 9 months before it started getting really bad. If I could have stopped after 3 months, that would have been great.

      If we dumped every drug in the trashcan that did not immediately hit the bulls-eye of 100% cure with no side effects, we would be shooting ourselves in the foot. With a very few exceptions, the science of these pharma treatments improve in steps, and people use the the best that is available at the moment.

      You need to stop thinking in black and white. Reality has many more colors than that.

    • Since you had to insult us and call us idiots, you turd.
      When you insult people, make sure you have your stuff together first
      It isn�t KNOW idea, its NO idea. Did you KNOW that?
      VX-950 is not just a add on pack, it�s not just AN add on pack
      Bottom line, if you are going to talk trash, DO IT RIGHT! DICKWEED!
      You are about as sharp as a marble.


      When I was on Tx the "rule" was that: After you stop treatment and 1 year passed, if by then you were still undetectable, you were considered an SVR (Sustained Viral Responder).

      From what I've read on support sites, about 98% of SVR's stay that way. Some rebounds may even be re-infections.

      My body fell apart too. I remember hearing the insides of my ear dry out because Inf tends to dehydrate badly. Tooth decay while sleeping can be a real problem too because the mouth has no saliva.

      I guess if I had my choice I'd do 950 for at least the first month even at this level of testing!

      Good luck and hang tight! I knew a few heppers that did 104 week treatment protocols and one finally responded although I doubt I could do that.

    • vxdude,

      I remember riba rage, sounds like you have a little left over. But your characterization of VX 950 is not accurate, if I understand my last 6 months of research. VX works in an entirely different way than IFN or riba, and for most of us who have tried IFN and failed, any new approach is appreciated. For a lot of us, it is the ONLY hope. Am I wrong?

    • yeah, no criticism of IDIX at all. Very interesting.

    • <<It is a bit "windy" in here today. >>

      Yep, all the terrible things about 950 on this board and not a single bashing post under the same identity at IDIX board. Explains it doen't it!

    • I have been reading your post all morning and I must say you need to suck it up and quit winning so much, at least your alive! you can't feel that bad for amount of bitching you have been doing this morning. Relax, Chill alittle!

    • "There is no magic bullet...why get angry about it?"

      At this time there is no magic bullet, I just hate to see all this confusion and people throwing thier arms up in the air and saying WE DID IT WE DID IT THE WICKED WITCH IS DEAD when real cures are just on the horizion

    • As you must know, about 20% of the folks that attempt SOC, give up due to side effects. Of the remaining, who take the 1 year treatment, about 50% have SVR. This is in the literature and I have spoken to the folks who actually manage this regimen at our university hospital.

      VX-950 not only stops the virus from multiplying, but also keeps the virus from blocking the immune system. Even if the 3 mon tx includes IFN and Ribavirin. it would be better tolerated that SOC over 1 year.

      Assuming, that you have the disease, may be you read up the facts.

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      • All fine and dandy but wouldn�t it be nice if someone came up with something that did not include turning the immune system into a stirred up hornets nest? And that what these interferon drugs do and in my case the nest never did settle back down.

        I wish I could find a way to anomalously post photos of what that treatment did to my skin, my leg looked like I had leprosy, the site where I did the injections all the moles in that area are twice the size then before I started the INF injections, THE STUFF IS BAD MOJO MAN BAD MOJO

    • U R 1 of the lucky ones congrats,what do you mean "in Check???

      if you want to read about side FX's of both the disease and the treamtmen comeing from real people not journalist reports go here

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