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  • G2BAD1 G2BAD1 Oct 19, 2007 1:05 PM Flag

    my two cents

    If I recall correctly, after last earnings report, the stock had a nice run-up because the investors liked the fact that everything was moving according to plan.

    Given no set backs, I would expect the same response after this earnings report (oct 29th).

    Also, I have a hard time believing that SChering's product that did not do so well in Phase I is all of a sudden so effective and safe in Phase II. Something, doesn't add up...or is that they didn't give us a complete picutre. I remember when Vertex announed their first Prove I results the analysts were arguing whether to include drop outs or exclude them in the SVR calculations. My point is that, we haven't seen these calculations and there is a good chance they selected the best possible caluclation not necessarily the most correct one.
    P.S. Bought some leaps and calls recently!


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    • Observe that a priming full dose of SOC is given to the first two Arms for 4 weeks prior to the start of SGP's triple combo of duration 24 or 44 weeks. If PROVE 1 had started with such a priming dose for 4 weeks, the PCR values would be certainly higher than we got without it. If the competing two drugs are compared to two sprinters in a race, their PI jumped the gun. It cheated. It is ironic that the trial is known as SPRINT-1.

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