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  • vxdude21a vxdude21a Apr 1, 2008 9:38 AM Flag

    what a sham this is no cure for HCV

    we need a real cure and company's like vertex that keep focusing on these "Add on packs" for the decades old interferon drugs just screws the company focusing on REAL CURE.

    just because you knock down viral load quickly means nothing.

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    • This really isn't the board for this, but Dude, you seem to be missing what this development means. This is the top of a class of a new generation of drugs that target the building blocks of the hep c virus and retard the replication process. No, it's not a silver bullet, and it still needs Peg/Riba to work effectively, but it is still a breakthrough drug. There IS no drug that quickly rids you of Hep C with no side effects and without Peg/Riba. Don't you understand, now there's finally a group of drugs that are taking treatment of Hep C in the direction of not needing Peg/Riba included in the mix.
      Telaprevir looks like it will also dramatically increase the odds for TX success for non responders like yourself. Is all this drug cocktail stuff nasty, yes, but not near as nasty as liver failure
      Negative waves dude, negative waves

    • BS my brother is part of this study and is now 6 months clean. he has twice failed w/interferon in prior years never making it to 30 days clean. results from last weeks 6 months blood test were clean again!

    • most people don't have a clue when it comes to HCV and the current decades old drugs that are the standard treatment, this drug vrtx is touting is just a add on pack to these drugs.

      The drugs interferon and ribaviran where never even designed to work on HCV they are just drugs
      cobbled together as the only thing that helped in very very limited number of patients.

      see here's the deal like in my case viral load drop to ""undetectable' right off the bat in other words I responded quite well, well after months and months of a living hell on this voodoo concoction once I quit taking them the Virus came back.

      large fast drops in viral load and undetectable MEAN NOTHING !! this is no cure.

      we need drugs that target the virus directly
      not this bull crap

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      • So, what do you think Telaprevir targets?

        And what do you say to those folks walking around with UND virus, 6 and 12 months later?

        It's pretty horrific to go thru IFN for 48 weeks and have the virus rebound, I've been there. But I'm not gonna lose my perspective, in fact, I've worked on keeping it as current as possible.

        Telaprevir is one great baby step. One I'm not gonna trash because I'm pissed about failing SOC. You'll eventually get over the anger, I hope. It might be a lot healthier for your liver and you'll feel better.

        Quit callin me dude, girls post here too. Hope you can eventually see some good in what shook out yesterday.


    • Knocking the viral load to zero quickly means everything, you fool. do some research, you will feel better.


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