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  • solarae solarae Jun 21, 2008 10:47 AM Flag

    do not doubt the need....

    Willow, I too have Hep C. Wondering why you chose to let us know you were not a IVDU. If you are just trying to say anyone can get this disease, I guess that's one thing but I always wonder if folks think maybe an someone who has been an IVDU is not as deserving of a cure. I see it as irrelevant. We all take risks in life, especially when young. Some of us die in car accidents going to fast or other fun but risky behavior. What I'm trying to get at is that by your excluding yourself from some group that has a stigma attached to it, you may be adding to the discrimination an prejudice aimed at that group. No offense intended, just thoughts.

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    • Well said! Compassionate and reasonable, too. We could use more people like you on this board...

    • sol,

      you are right about me maybe adding to the stigma...I never thought of it that way. I just get so sick of people, mostly doctors, believe it or not, asking me first thing if I was an IVDU. So if we have docs buying into the stigma, how hard will it be to EVER get folks educated? I used to work hard at trying to educate the folks around me, but now that I am starting to feel really bad, I've run out of energy.

      I think these new developments with Telaprevir will give me and I hope everyone else new reason to hope and to find the energy we all need to carry on and get cured.

      Honestly, in my original post, I wanted my words to carry the maximun weight and without thinking, I clarified up front that I did not get it from drug use. On some of the medical forums, I do not feel the same need to clarify, but here, in this "investment" atmosphere, I guess I get more sensitive. Perhaps in the wrong way!

      Hope you are doing as well as can be expected and are feeling a bit of excitement about the developments with Telaprevir. I know I am.


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