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  • acslonewolf acslonewolf Nov 11, 2011 11:00 AM Flag

    What a comparison?

    From Adam F. What a joke!

    "So yes, to get a grip on the investment dynamics of the Hep C market, think of these drugs like smartphones. Nobody wants an old Blackberry when they can wait a few months to buy a shiny new iPhone".

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    • I was on interferron and ribivirran three separate times for 9 mos-14 mos at a time in a desperate attempt to rid myself from HCV which was decomposing my liver. Finally, my doctors said to go through it again, but this time in a blind trial with Vertex's telaprevir. Although, I suffered through many injections of interferron over the eight year period, the last of which had me taking one injection everyday for 11 months, it did not deter me or my doctors from having me go through it again with this promising addition. The side effects were just a minor inconvenience for the accomplishment of ridding myself of this awfull disease. I am happy to say, that 4 1/2 years later, I am totally cured and my liver is on the mend.

      The point is that what self-respecting doctor would advise his patient to wait for 2 yrs just in case one of these all-oral candidates, versus what contined damage HCV could wreak during this time? And what patient would want to take that chance? In this life, you get cured while you can and we all know it. By the time, the all-orals come out, the pickings could be slim since Vertex and Maersk will have seriously depleted the existing sufferers .

    • The problem with AF's analogy is where he states the new all-oral Hep C therapies will be ready "real soon". I guess 2 years or, more likely, 3 years is his definition of real soon. I know I would not wait that long for better smart phone and I definitely would not wait that long to treat a disease that's destroying my liver.

    • Instead of just blasting someone else, why don't you give us a comparison/analogy that you think is appropriate.

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      • How about this:

        All of his conclusion are guesses and not based on proven data. yet he makes them sound as they already have happened!!

        Frankly it is not worth our time to provide reason to dispute his conclusions. He himself acknowleges that most of the time he is thrilled to lambast good biotech companies. He gets a thrill out of saying negative things about successful companies.

      • For one I cannot think of a comparison or analogy that I can really compare an infectious, life threatening disease treatment vs just any consumer product. Second, I would use an accurate timeline,not six months when actually the time gap is 2 1/2 years and that is with a big "if" it will actually be approved to be commercialized. Third, if i was reporter in the biotech industry, I will try to send the message out for patients to seek some help or be treated as soon as they can.

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