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  • med_investor med_investor Feb 17, 2012 2:04 PM Flag

    Where are the upgrades?

    Analysts were fast to downgrade based on GS-7977 but they are hiding now.

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    • The simple truth is that as Nasdaq official web site data shows that Goldman Sachs have been adding 3,660,171 new shares of VRTX (an increase of 1969.76% in VRTX holdings ), how could they not downgrade this VRTX when they wanted to buy VRTX? If they did not downgrade this VRTX, how could they avoid paying , say, double or triple price for one share of VRTX when they were adding a whooping 3,660,171 VRTX shares ? And J P Morgan has increased VRTX holdings by 2816.60%. And Morgan Stanley has increased VRTX dolding by 151.40%. These guys had to downgrade VRTX so that they could buy more and more shares of VRTX at a low price.
      And after they finished buying, by next earning report time, they will all come out to update VRTX, so as to pump up the price to triple or 4 folds, at which time, they will quietly sell for huge profit. The first part of this posting is fact quoted from Nasdaq official web site. The latter part of this post is my personal logic thinking
      and analysis. You should not trust my thinking, but just rely on your own judgement on the Nasdaq web site official data.

    • I agree, most unusual that all the talks are about touting gild at these levels and no comments on vrtx.

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      • What is there to say about Vertex just because 7977 had some surprisingly not-so-good results ?

        Oh...I know...While everyone was hyping vrus/gild/7977, VRTX was selling their approved drug (and the analysts were complaining that $400+ M/quarter wasn't enough).

        Now that the shine has come off of 7977, VRTX is STILL selling their approved drug (and the analysts will still complain that $400+ M/quarter isn't enough).

        And when GILD will likely have to revisit their studies and perhaps do some additional studies and/or figure out which patient populations they actually can treat...and take MORE time to bring 7977 to market, VRTX will STILL be selling their approved drug...except that perhaps, by then, 222 or the Alios compounds will be in the mix.

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