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  • dooom.booom dooom.booom Jan 28, 2013 2:28 PM Flag

    Vertex & Idenix are in a Hepatitic C race !! but Nobody knows INOVIO !!!

    Vertex & Idenix are in a Hepatitic C race !! but Nobody knows INOVIO a $0,66 Penystock HepatitisC Phase 2 trails results come in the next 8 weeks out from ChronTech partner!! can it be !!! make your own DD


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    • Update INOVIO up from $0,66 to $0,80 !!

      Nobody knows Inovio and his ChronTech partner with Hepatitis C Phase 2 trails!!

      you hear it at first from us !!!

      INOVIO An unusually high cure rate recorded after ChronVac-C® vaccination followed by standard treatment in patients with chronic hepatitis C

      Cheers !!

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    • johnf50 Feb 5, 2013 2:08 PM Flag

      I hold a position in INO for the flu indication only... which looks promising and has come out with very good data. Vaccines for HCV have summarily failed in the past for reason's I am unqualified to relay. If successful - bonus. If not - the merit with INO is in the flu franchise. There has been some positive data on cervical displexia which is a huge market. I am not going to pump INO though - and you shouldn't pump INO for HCV on the VRTX message board... Vertex is about the future of CF, and JAK3 inhibitors and VRTX investors all know that. If VRTX current second generation oral treatments pan out... great... but that is not where I am expecting the money to be here.

      Idenix keeling over is not relative to VRTX. And it shouldn't have an impact on GILD. In fact, I would think that GILD is a good short candidate with BMY's current data - but none of these companies are one trick ponies. I knocked VRUS for a long time saying that they are going to be relegated to the GT2 and GT3 markets - now it looks as if that was actually a smart forecasting decision. I retract that GILD made a mistake in buying VRUS - but I do think they still paid too much. Time will tell.

      If the INO HCV trials fail (they likely will) than there also shouldn't be a negative impact on the INO stock as failure is a given at this point. IMHO the current value with INO is influenza.

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    • Well Idenix just keeled over and died yesterday. No longer in Hep C race. Has nothing in trial now for Hep C. Vertex should go up a lot today. Even Gilead's results with some of its Hep C drugs shows no one drug fits every patient. There will be room for several Hep C drugs and treatments. But as of yesterday Idenix is no longer part of the competition. I am sure employees of Idenix are shocked and will be looking for other jobs and/or layoffs. Glad I own Gilead, Vertex and Achillion for Hep C and glad I bailed on Idenix long ago.

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