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  • cmwoods_74 cmwoods_74 Jul 17, 2013 7:32 PM Flag

    Wake up folks

    Some of the posts here are cracking me up. The current price of VRTX isn't sustainable. We're heading into earnings soon and we will also soon hear more results from their current trials. At the same time insiders have been selling at record levels and still have been selling this week and last week. This last week has been a suckers rally on low volume and valuations for the last few months have been too high as well. You can all proceed to bash me now, but I'll still be the one laughing when this fills the multiple gaps below. A year from now, this bloated market cap of $17B will likely be a few billion. Then maybe someone would consider buying them, but not at current prices.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Have to say.. good call cm.

    • Why are you wasting your time posting and instead shorting the stock?

    • sorry to pile on cm...anyone trying to link the current vertex stock price to the current revenues and quarterly statements is way off the reservation. this is all about the CF program (I think 10b is on the high side as other meds will come to market after vertex and will drive price down) but even if it is 7b revenue from cf, then it is easy to get to an 18b market cap when you look at the pipeline.again, the mid/small bio techs are not about current revs/earnings (or even the next 12/24 months) but all about the promise of data release and pipeline. that's what justifies the market cap. as for insider selling, that is perfectly understandable...these guys have been sitting on shares (yes selling a small amount along the way) but let's face it, you can't blame them on selling what they can to cash out now...they have plenty of unvested options coming their way over the next few years.

    • You should read about Vertex' CF program, and wake up yourself. A few years from now Vertex' CF program alone can generate 10B a year, Hep C program may generate another few Billions, and VX-509 may generate 1 B. Roche bought Genentech, earns good money, and it can buy another genentech like Vertex. Have you heard about VX-135? It is now a dark horse HCV NS5B inhibitor. When its safety is announced shortly, the share price will jump another $10. Right now, the market does not value VX-135 because its safety in human has not been announced. This Hep C drug has been dosed along with Ribavirin since early this year. Its dosing time is 12 week long. What does this tell you? Expect good news with the earnings' report.

    • johnf50 Jul 17, 2013 8:07 PM Flag

      I was curious what happened to your short position back in May when the stock dilution didn't occur as expected? Did you just reenter a short position? ~ Because that is what this sounds like.

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