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  • SchudInvest SchudInvest Jan 10, 1998 7:14 PM Flag


    Listen up folks, I am Schude-invest. On this bulletin board, a few weeks
    ago I correctly predicted that WLA would trade between 125-130 range
    during the Christmas rally. I made this prediction looking at my crystal
    ball when WLA was trading at about 110.
    And you well know that it did!
    Now I am predicting COR Therapeutics (CORR) to trade in 30's by early
    February. On 8th Jan it traded at about 24.875, and yesterday's panic
    selling especially in the last half an hour knocked it down to 21.25.
    Before that all day long on 9th it had floated between 22.5 and 24.25.
    So folks here is your last opportunity to make a real quick buck in this
    stock. Also check out all the messages under CORR to get yourself
    familiarized with the company.
    Good luck getting rich.

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    • it was probably a reaction to the massive seel off in the last 2-3 days. Buyers found a bargain.

    • Smooth ride from $33 to $36 today with 4X the average volume . I've read that predictions are in the $50+ range. Anyone know what drove this puppy up today?

    • The end of the week is here. Do you have any explinations? My bet is that Vertex is going to have the same problems as Agouron. Can't wait till their PI gets approval and they start making money. The stock will really go down then. I'm not worried because I'm in it for the long haul on both.

    • I began buying the stock at 34.50 (msg15 Jan 25) when I charted it to rise to over 40
      I added to my position at 36.50 and next day at 37.125 (msg 18 Jan 27)
      In the past several days, the stock reached over 40 twice but unabled to penetrate thru previous high. It retreated on heavy volume on Feb 2, and I sold at 39.25.

      There is no fundamental for the stock to rise around this time. It is still making loses, no profit yet. It rose on momentum and dropped on momentum. Short interest on the stock right now is over 2.2 million shares which have added to its volatility. Whether information announced is Positive or Negative depends on the interpretation of beholders.

      One day, it will rise to over 40. If it can stay there overnight, I will certainly commit a big chunk of my funds at around 42. At the time when it rises to around 42, it will not stay there. It should be 20% higher in a relatively short period of time. But not now, not yet.

      Yesterday I shorted at 39.75. To day I covered at 37.375. I am leaving here for some other stocks which have shown momentum.

    • A stock is only good when it goes up.

      I've bailed out today at $39.25.

      From movement of the stock prices, I've sold short this stock to day. I might change my mind if the chart tells me differently at a later time.

      Good luck, guys!


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