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  • ttotoole ttotoole Jun 14, 1998 2:11 AM Flag


    Could anyone please inform the board when the Geneva conference starts. Hoping for some upward movement on BBB passage and news from late phase III studies.

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    • slated for 6/29. However, don't forget that the
      press often has advance copies of presentations so
      watch the price and volume action carefully in the week
      leading up to the conference. As I've said before, my
      fear is that the amprenavir data will be solid but not
      earth-shattering (and thus disappointing). We'll see. Good luck.

    • thank you for the information. the articles i
      have read indicate that the pictures show it will be
      difficult to design an effective vaccine. i suppose then
      that the best hope will be new drugs that prevent the
      virus from invading new cells and protease inhibitors
      that prevent or slow the replication of the virus that
      does manage to get into the cells. i assume that there
      will eventually be other kinds of drugs other than
      protease inhibitors that attack the virus or prevent or
      slow its replication.

    • hello kliger.

      i am a novice and would
      like to understand the cryptic message you

      >>Nice action today. But still within
      i assume that this relates to technical
      trading. can you explain?

      >>Lehman meeting
      this A.M......<<
      re the above:
      1 - how
      did you know about it; and
      2 - what is the
      importance and relevance? does it relate to your next

      >>Late today, story of a major recommmendation
      where did you obtain this story?

      thank you for
      your assistance.

    • because I think you can see doubles in a
      heartbeat as well, but I would not trade on that
      speculation necessarily.

      Hoever, Trading into a
      position helps, BUYING at the lows (here for example, a
      good one at that, with lots of NEWS ready to move the
      stock over the remainder of the year) and selling when
      you think it is getting toppy, by your own read of
      the situation (science if fun). Takes patientce but
      if you give it awhile you can maximize returns. This
      company has solid prospects and I solicit dialogue from
      one and all.

    • after the highly likely (IMO) Amprenavir
      approval. So next up... the Incel research (VX-710) the
      mutidrug resistance inhibitor which is in numerous
      different CA trials, or maybe the Hepatitic C work with

      is key. I have seen the odd thing of stocks pulling
      back after approval (sell on the news) but perhaps
      that is with more gap in pipeline than the situation
      suggests. It is an interesting thing though so I will try
      to gather a list of examples that might elucidate.

      I think VRTX has an awareness of this. While the
      science vs. the stock/and other R&D financing concerns
      make an uneasy set of priorities, one is need of the
      other, though I hope that a certain critical mass is
      reached where the stock will follow on up with scientific
      and drug development achievement. The late-stage
      biotech dream. Idealistic perhaps, but then the odds of
      making it this far and surviving as a company are

    • The crystal structure will not affect amprenavir
      at all! This structure pertains to the interaction
      of the envelope of the virus (gp160 = 120 + 41) with
      CD4. Although the envelope was devoid of much of the
      variable regions and carbohydrate, it is thought that the
      image created substantially reflects the interaction.
      Drugs that might come from a better understanding of
      this interaction are many years away. One must
      remember that soluble CD4 was not effective, so
      interfering with the ligand receptor interaction is not easy.
      Small molecules will be tried in hopes of blocking the
      interaction. This is not an easy task. Protease inhibitors
      have nothing to do with virus-cell interaction. These
      inhibitors act inside cells to prevent the virus proteins
      from being matured by protease, rendering the virus
      unable to multiply efficiently.

    • to me the base is a fake-out; low volume, mostly
      selling. Technically this puppy is sick-well below it's
      50-day and 200-day, making new lows in on-balance
      volume, macd headed south. I'm no TA expert but this
      doesn't look like a solid foundation to me. I would
      personally be very careful-again it depends a lot on your
      horizon but as I said I don't think amprenavir is going
      to be a huge hit. The worst thing that can happen to
      a biotech is that they a) get a product approved b)
      are then expected to actually have revenues and c)
      they don't come through and meet expectations. Just my
      opinions-I've ridden this thing up a couple of times but I'm
      still on the sidelines for now.

    • i enjoy this board
      i also owe vrtx
      so let
      me offer this...
      as you say amprenavir will be
      once approved glaxo-wellcome will market the
      amprenavir with combination therapy developed with
      a leader(if not the)in aids/hiv drugs will make it
      i should buy more

    • Many thanks in advance. :^)

      (Or have information about VRTX/Glaxo presentation at the conference?)

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