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  • ttotoole ttotoole Jun 14, 1998 2:11 AM Flag


    Could anyone please inform the board when the Geneva conference starts. Hoping for some upward movement on BBB passage and news from late phase III studies.

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    • thank you for the information.

    • i trade thru schwab on the web 29.95 for tech ann... free site joeyw

    • thanks a lot. appreciate the information.
      can you recommend any good technical trading sites on the web?

    • Lehman meeting was printed in brokerage

      Rumor emenated from traders talking to each

      Technicaly , vrtx has been in a downtrend since 2/2/98 at
      This means that if you bought vrtx at anytime since
      that date
      and did not sell it when it lifted, you
      would have had a loss.

      vrtx does appear to have
      bottomed for the present..


    • (abacavir), a nucleoside analog reverse
      transcriptase inhibitor which appears "to have greater
      antiviral activity than other drugs in this class". (see
      Glaxo W's PR today 10:46 EST)

      Looks like Glaxo
      W. is working to market the whole cocktail with all
      of the X resistance, etc, sequences studied in Ph
      III, plus offer more effective analogs. Any clinicians
      out there who would have something to say about using
      the Glaxo suite of anti retrovirals since adverse
      event profiles, resistance, peds dosing, etc. etc.
      combo concerns being studied in PH III when
      co-developed by one comapny? (Amprenavir is VRTX +_Glaxo W)

    • hi and thanks for your response.

      still - i
      would like to know if you will tell me -

      how did
      you know about the lehman meeting?
      where did you
      hear the rumor?
      what is the "downtrend"


    • Lehman had healthcare conference NY. Vrtx, first
      co to present..
      When a co has good things to say
      they talk.

      There was a RUMOR OF A MAJOR REC


    • Yeah, VX-710 could also be big-I agree that this
      will be the difference for the company if there is a
      quick follow-on. The hep c stuff is exciting buy years
      away. Potential blockbuster stuff but lots of
      competition. Again, I do think the distinction between the
      company and the stock is important to keep in mind both
      for the investor and management in these biotechs. It
      can be painful at times-that's why I believe they
      should a) be traded short-term or b) locked away for 10
      years and ignored.Best of luck in your investing.

    • after the highly likely (IMO) Amprenavir
      approval. So next up... the Incel research (VX-710) the
      mutidrug resistance inhibitor which is in numerous
      different CA trials, or maybe the Hepatitic C work with

      is key. I have seen the odd thing of stocks pulling
      back after approval (sell on the news) but perhaps
      that is with more gap in pipeline than the situation
      suggests. It is an interesting thing though so I will try
      to gather a list of examples that might elucidate.

      I think VRTX has an awareness of this. While the
      science vs. the stock/and other R&D financing concerns
      make an uneasy set of priorities, one is need of the
      other, though I hope that a certain critical mass is
      reached where the stock will follow on up with scientific
      and drug development achievement. The late-stage
      biotech dream. Idealistic perhaps, but then the odds of
      making it this far and surviving as a company are

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