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  • BTW - what I hear often comes from those testing (doing the trials) for VRTX!

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    • thanks for the reply. if you have any further
      advice for a novice (past the postulant stage) - or
      would like to share further insights i would appreciate
      it. i have done ok (so far) on avir. but given your
      caution, i shall observe it more carefully.
      by the way
      - i do not believe you were lucky - you seem to
      have a well reasoned and thoughtful approach to your
      investing - separated from emotions.

    • In fact neither company has spoken to the public.
      Both companies are well respected in the industry and
      unless I�m missing something, this is an over reaction
      to the addition of one more drug. Given the growth
      rate in this area this will not really change the
      prospects for both agph or vrtx. I hold both stocks agph,
      because I know people there and vrtx on the dip - my
      point was in response to the comment about hot dogs -
      as agph has also been "hit" as much - diversify
      (they have an excellent pipeline). Nobody can time the
      market but you can do rather well when the market
      doesn't like a particular stock - wait six months!

    • hi,

      thanks for the letter. the president
      of the company sounds like a reasonable
      if you will read skinKhound's posts, he was not
      addressing the efficacy of, or need for, or long term
      prospects for, the drug. he focused on markets and market
      reaction - which is what many investors find of interest.
      had i followed his lead, i would have saved a good
      deal of the loss. further, i would have then been able
      the buy back in at the much lower price - thus
      protecting capital and investing in a company that has a
      reasonable future. it would have been a good strategy and i
      wish i had followed it - but i did not so i am trying
      to develop a strategy for this situation. i am new
      to riskier investments and continually
      since stock options are important to employees, i am
      sure that the agph letter was calculated to calm the
      fears of his technical staff so that they will not fly
      away - the bidding for key biotech researchers can be
      fierce (not nba level however). even were that his
      motivation, the message is sound. i have not heard any public
      reaction from vrtx management - have you.
      thanks again.

    • Found your post interesting. I'm a newbie to
      Vertex... and would be interested in knowing what your
      thoughts are for its future <not just the present>.
      It sounds like you watch this company as well as the

      :) If you could, could you email me your thoughts
      and any advice you may have... <email is>.

      Thanks so much in advance.


    • Thanks for the info. Nice to know I'm not the
      only person who heard the buzz... now to see the
      action :) I'm very interested to hear what will be
      announced. Sounds like VRTX is making great strides in
      testing... Could mean great things for so many :) <not
      just investors> :) :) :)


      • 3 Replies to john_doran
      • you were right on VRTX. Thanks for the advice. You saved me 5 pts.

      • has a search engine. 5 hits found for amprenavir;
        4 poster presentations and 1 'full'
        Site has a schedule too. Later in the week will be
        'late breaking news", not sure of the day, but I've set
        my "home page" to
        interesting site: offering a glimpse at
        bio-tech stocks, free til the end of June. Has some nice
        info on VRTX.

        IMO - don't expect announcements
        of Phase III results. I'm hoping that some
        presentations at will include incidental info on

        I understand that Glaxo will be the marketing force
        behine Amprenavir if and when it gets the OK form the
        FDA. I noticed a news release, last week., that Glaxo
        has completed phase III studies on Abacavir (sp?),
        another PI and has submitted an ANDA to the FDA for
        Glaxo has production agreement with Chirex CHRX for
        several items. I've heard that CHRX recently refurbished
        a former Glaxo production facility for eventual
        'product production'. { ? amprenavir & Abacavir

        I think VRTX will move up while AIDS98 is in
        session, after that, anyones guess.

      • I believe that there will be a slight run up
        after Geneva. Did anyone else notice the HUGE late day
        volume on Fri. !!!!!! approx. 250,000 as of 3:40, and we
        ended around up around 478,000. Something is up. Anyone
        with info on this huge Block of shares bought? Options
        due? Thanks in advance. Go VRTX!! Go OMGA!!

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