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  • DeathToShortz DeathToShortz Mar 5, 1999 5:15 PM Flag

    Oh yeah, Trader Jim, thanks...

    ...for nothing. That was sheer brilliance man.
    "When Vertex
    gets approval, they will either go up
    or they will go down.
    Or maybe they'll stay the
    same." A regular Amazing Karnac,
    you are. Want my
    prediction: Some of you will make money and
    some will lose
    money, and some will break even. But Trader
    Jim will
    continue to spew his drivel at any opportunity.
    You can
    take that last prediction to the bank. Which is
    I've been hanging out since I cashed out of
    Agrour-crap with
    my profits. Want more info? Check out my
    postings on the AGPH
    board. Or meet me in the Gillead
    or Dunkin' Donuts boards.
    Where the REAL men meet
    to make money.



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    • from a search of postings you make to all boards
      on Yahoo that all of your postings consist of
      insults, name calling, and rude remarks, and that they
      contain no content, facts, or substantiation of anything
      you say with specific references or data.

      clearly miss the point of my previous posting - it was
      clearly not to predict the direction of the stock. The
      point was to illustrate some specific things that do
      occur when FDA approvals are given from time to time,
      which I believe is helpful to those investors who are
      not intimately familiar with the drug development and
      regulatory approval process.

      • 1 Reply to TraderJim
      • Is there anyone who posts on this board who has
        the knowledge to tell me whether Preveon or Agenerase
        [in combo with two other drugs] is the better remedy
        for HIV? I gather Agenerase needs to be taken with
        two other drugs, but the effect of the three together
        is potent---for now. Preveon is by itself as
        effective as three other drugs taken together [but these
        three do not include Agenerase]. So...based on what is
        now known, is there a preference for Preveon vs
        Agenerase + two other drugs?

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