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  • get_lucky_now get_lucky_now Feb 20, 1999 9:19 PM Flag

    Merger with NAFC???

    I have read some rumors about FLM taking over
    Nash Finch. Any knowledgable comments or truth to this
    rumor? Would a merger between FLM and NAFC make any
    sense? Other merger partners with NAFC have been
    mentioned, namely, RFH and SVU, any comments?

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    • Thanks for the info. If I hear anything, I'll let you know.

    • Several people have mentioned it here on the
      board. I heard it from a good source in Texas, but
      cannot show you press releases or anything else in hard
      copy. I will see if I can find something for certain,
      perhaps someone else on the board can confirm.

    • In a message dated Feb. 22, 1999, you posted,
      "Old news - Kmart goes to Grocers Supply in Houston."
      This may be "Old News" for you, but I've only heard it
      as a rumor. Can you confirm? Company press release,
      etc? Thanks in advance.

    • There are other "flies' in the ointment too in
      other departments who are so busy trying to promote
      there own personal agendas--building there own little
      empire or kingdom within FLM--look in ALL DEPTS to see
      the directors/vps that talk out of both sides of
      there mouths--pushing the little guys to work harder
      (at the office) while the so-called director big'
      guys go playing & spending corp $$$$ that should be
      driving sales instead of feathering there own nest &
      filling their freezers and pantries with free vendor
      goodies. PSC guys know who these corp guys are--Hansen
      needs to get down to managerial level & even warehouse
      level to find out about the abusers--days of taking
      care of themselves & there buddies should be
      stopped--it does no good to save them pennies while the $$$$
      fly out the door--styrofoam cups cost reduction will
      not save the company.......

    • There will have to be more mergers in the future.
      The industry will make it more difficult on all
      wholesalers. Wal-Mart, Target,etc and the larger merged chains
      will make the buying of product at the right price
      ever more difficult. As the large get larger the
      companies that stay the same size or shrink (as Flm & Nash)
      will become smaller, faster in relationship to the new
      larger buyers.
      The money from the vendors goes to the
      fastest growing retail format/company.
      I believe that
      Fleming and Nash have all the problems they can handle,
      individually. The probability just isn't likely for these two
      to get together.

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