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  • kdp2561 kdp2561 Nov 19, 1999 3:02 PM Flag

    Investor Relations News Part I

    I am not the originator of this post but I found
    it on Ragingbull and thought it was very
    interesting. I will have to post it in 2 parts.

    on letter to President:

    As most of you are
    aware I wrote to Jacada's Pres (Mr. Potts) and I
    received the same response as everybody else to my
    inquiries. Following the letter I spoke to Investor
    Relations, Technicians, and Company Officers including the
    VP of Marketing. Here are my questions and the
    answers I received:

    What percentage of Jacada's
    sales and marketing is focused in the US? Approximately
    85% of revenues are derived from North American based
    companies. As a result, sales and marketing resources are
    directed to North America.

    What are Jacada's plans
    for sales and marketing? Since the company was
    founded in 1990 we spent most of our time and resources
    on product development. The purpose of the IPO was
    to generate the funds and resources needed to
    reinvest in more agressive sales and marketing tactics in
    North America.

    Since Jacada's technology
    development is in Israel and the business operations are in
    the US, what type of public relations or marketing
    tactics are you using? Using our new financial resources
    Jacada is trying to build a strong North American
    company image that not only is focused on product
    development, but also on our public image. This includes a
    stronger sales force and more exposure.

    specific plans? More spending on sales on marketing.

    How about product showcasing, such as the two day
    meeting in Detroit? Dealer shows such as the one in
    Detroit is a perfect example of Jacadas marketing
    pursuits. Rather than going to general presentations such
    as Comdex that would give limited exposure, Dealer
    Shows (such as the one in Detroit and Atlanta) provide
    an opportunity to present at a focused event. Here
    the interested parties come to see a specific product
    or business solution -- specifically B2B. It is an
    excellent opportunity to generate new leads, and to
    showcase past clients/customers. Sometimes Jacada will
    setup a panel discussion with previous customers
    presenting their testimonials.

    Do these shows
    generate anything more than just leads, such as contracts?
    Generally not. It would put too much pressure on a company
    like GM or Ford to have to make an on-the-spot
    decision on using Jacada. Instead this is an opportunity
    to see what we have and how it has been used in the

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