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  • kdp2561 kdp2561 Dec 14, 1999 10:31 AM Flag

    Hey MOguy - Looks like Lehman is gonna

    JCDA. It wasn't because you knew they would have
    great PR was it? I doubt that. I'll wager you bought
    based on their technology and customers at the time.
    The technology has not changed and they've increased
    customers (at least a bit) with the dept. of Interior
    contract. Remember the fundamentals and that despite what
    some economists might say, markets are NOT efficient.
    Otherwise, there would be no deals out there. We would all
    buy stock in companies that were worth that much at
    the time and all future gains would be based on
    future news which there is no way to predict. No,
    markets are not efficient and JCDA is not priced at what
    it should be. I don't even feel that people have
    noticed this stock yet and it has still gone up 100% or
    so. My point is, if you can afford to I think you
    should hold. Give it a chance. At the very least wait
    for the short term stochastics to turn up, peak and
    start coming back down before you sell. At least that
    would give you a higher price to unload at. Good luck,
    whatever your choice!

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    • because of
      a) the technology
      b) the fact that it is a public company and it should act like one (meaning getting the public informed)
      c) exponential revenue gains

    • turns upward. But if the stochastic does not do
      anything then you should no that the momentum that has
      been building as of late is going to go bye-bye and
      the macd will go back under the centerline. I will
      wait for the stochastic though. But that will be that
      unless it does something for me to stay.

      • 1 Reply to bjlcommunications
      • Technicals matter on well established
        patterns. JCDA hasn't been around long
        enough, so your
        results will meaningless since
        the data is

        I think you place too much on news and
        when you should be looking at the
        strength and
        fundamental growth potential
        of the company. If these guys
        continue to
        grow at 50% or greater, don't you think
        financial community will take notice?
        infrastructure, especially software is a focus
        point for next

        A day will come (not that far off) when
        ask yourself why you didn't buy more
        at 18, 19,
        20. The charts and the news won't
        answer that
        question for you.

        You just have to understand what
        you have
        invested in, and *why* it will be

        Lastly, bashing on Jacada's news department
        ridiculous. Peddling a bunch of hyped up
        news articles
        isn't going to do much for JCDA,
        but getting a few
        of those big customers (GM)
        will. I'd rather they
        be good at making
        software than hyping the


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