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  • kdp2561 kdp2561 Mar 2, 2000 4:26 PM Flag

    Well said Jacadaman. EOM


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    • Jacadaman you obviously know much more than most
      of us but that brings up other questions. If GM goes
      through EDS and according to recent news EDS is going to
      be getting into the ASP data hosting market bigtime
      the question is does Jacada still have a good chance
      of breaking this market.===I am just a little
      worried about taking it by faith that Jacada will get the
      work from the big three.We need more info especially
      with big guys like Commerce One, Oracle, EDS throwing
      their opinions out to the big THree.
      Your point on
      controlled growth is good but I remember other posters
      saying that for a small hi-tech company you can't afford
      to wait for orderly growth you must push for as much
      growth as you can and as fast as possible so you don't
      stay so small for long. I know that JCDA cant show
      their cards but this last week and lack of info
      concerns me (if Jacada is not being squeezed out of the
      auto equation than I wish they would let us know) I
      like your posts Jacadaman and BJL has given us good
      info in the past too.(or at least I thought
      cheers good luck to all in all of your investments.