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  • boomerbydefault08 boomerbydefault08 Apr 30, 2010 9:52 AM Flag

    Oil rig spill redirects focus on alternative energy.

    This PPS should be rebounding since new off-shore drilling for oil is being reevaluated.

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    • Sounds like you are talking about yourself. Since Netflex is the king of idiots you must be the queen. Since your "points" are always inaccurate or nonsense it is no wonder no one chooses to address them. If you really believe like Netflex that the current administration is anti-solar then you are very confused. Nothing new there.

    • Ignore those two losers. If you ever speaks common sense about Akeena or raise any difficult questions, they call you a basher. They never address your points, just start questioning your motives and character. IMO, these clowns are the ones that the SEC should be investigating.

    • lol way too funny & not a very good guess.

      Hey I hope everyone that has a position in AKNS (as I do) does well.

      I'm just not suckered in by hype or political speeches. Andalay appears to be a good product, but time will tell.

      Good luck to all.

    • Very little oil is used to produce electricity. I believe the government really doesn't care much about solar, because they lose tax revenues if homeowners install solar on a massive scale. My Opinion Only, but there is an excise tax on electricity from a power company.

      Good luck to all.

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      • Just look at drilling related stocks. Are you going to risk energy related stocks having anything to do with offshore drilling?

        I don't care what the tax incentives are or are not for residential solar. With the best tax planning I could research, I don't pay federal taxes in my retirement.

        I am looking at powering part of my residential energy use with solar and my future all electric or hybrid car. I want more control of where my energy dollars are going. Solar panels will give me more control of where my energy dollars go into the future I have left.

        After my tax free retirement planning, solar is the next best plan available to individuals. Go for it!

      • Plenty of oil is still used to produce electricity but you are right about the government and that is how it will stay as long as our elected officials are owned by the oil companies. The oil companies will do everything they can to stop solar or limmit its use. If they were really concerned every state, especially in the south, would require solar as code on all new homes or office buildings. Should have been that way a long time ago.