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  • juanruiz1330 juanruiz1330 Dec 13, 2011 10:05 PM Flag



    I am no fan of censorship, and do believe the moderators of this board are sometimes overzealous. But I am new here, even though I've held DD for some time. Why are you so critical of the company. Können Sie mir das sagen?

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    • Juan Ruiz,

      As an individual retail investor and DD shareholder, we have the old-fashioned notion that CEOs and their executives should be accountable to the owners, the shareholders, as hired hands. Shareholders must demand performance and honest transparency.

      DuPont "leaders" maintain a standing army of little lawyers, lobbyists, and PR tricksters to camouflage, cover up and conceal. We simply provide a differing perspective at various internet news and investor sites. For this, we have been systematically targeted with vicious personal attacks, homophobic filth and profanities, threats to our family, any off-topic abuse you can imagine by hostile hecklers, MANY OF WHOM HAVE BRAGGED, OPENLY DISCLOSED THEY WORK FOR THE CORRUPT DUPONT COMPANY AS DUPONT EMPLOYEES AND BONUS-PAID DUPONT MANAGERS!

      We are not going to be intimidated and bullied into silence. We will continue to opine and debate, exercising our right as an citizen in America to speak freely on matters DuPont.


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      • Dear Juan: I am just old fashioned period! I just don't get why investors like stock price to drop so they can buy, and then sell when it gets high. I just don't get why corporations such as DD hold their units accountable for such things as costs, sales, safety, etc and then sell that unit if it fails to perform over time. I just don't get why a corporation would then lay off folks when that unit is sold or sales go down drastically. I just don't get why a corporation would change their focus and buy a different unit to enhance what they have. I just don't get why the DD shills here would call me out when I am constantly gleaning tiny portions of a news article to support my bashing. I just don't get why they would think I am stupid for saying I am a DD investor and never have anything positive to say about the company. I just don't get why some of these same cancerous shills like their jobs. I am a long time student of DD, but there is a lot I just don't get. Guess I'll have to study it a bit more.

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