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  • tricknixon7 tricknixon7 Aug 13, 2012 9:17 PM Flag

    DuPont Does Not Make Commodity Chemicals!??

    Fun Fun Ok then ! My godness I looked at all your posts, dude get some help really, life is too short., or go after BAC and JPM also, these creeps have ruined many lives and cost tax payers trillions, which company is worse DD or Countrywide? Either way good luck on your journey, or what ever it is, why not sue DuPont is Civil court if you feel so strongly about their misdeeds? My original post was more about not being able to have it both ways as a society! I think healthcare is so sick because Dr's or medical science is inperfect! yet we sue healthcare providers at a drop of a hat or a new so called mircle drug like Viox (Merk) ends up killing some people, was Merk wrong to invent Vioox? So now Dr / Hospitals order redundant cover yur arz tests and everyone pays through the nose for insurance, because lawsuits follow failure, some legit many shams, sometimes people die! yet we all want better medical care and lower costs. How can a chemical company invent new products which may or may not lead to better lives and not have some things go wrong? its impossible. So ya the teflon thing sounds bad, but then kevlar and the fire retardant material have saved lives? Quite a complicated world we live in, not all black and white. How can a drug comapny and chemical company survive in this world? I would never buy a 25 year bond from a comapany like Merk or DuPont as they have to innovate and take chances and that opens them up to law suits and Governments fines. Now I bet you Phillip Morris and Coke Cola have caused 10 time the deaths vs. a DuPont and Merk put together. Which company is more harmful to our society Burger King or DuPont LOL.... Its the King by far. Maybe DuPont has to carry a cabinet of attorneys because innovation comes at a cost. Oh well I'm out of here just saw your posts and I said to myself this is a very educated individule, that has jumped the shark in my humble opinion, I think Dupont had a big hand in central air and nylons two things that made my life better! but you are right with any innovation danger mistaks and failure will be in the equation. Oh one last question is a Lockeed Martin good or bad for the people of the world?

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    • Trick,

      Ironic you would mention BAC, Bilk of America. This long fraud-infested bank is headed up by none other than BAC Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chad Holliday, Jr. ex-Chief of the DuPont Company. The CHEAT-to-COMPETE culture of this bank and the disreputable DuPont Company of Delaware fit together like hand and glove.


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