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  • gulf_man_22 gulf_man_22 Mar 13, 2013 2:14 PM Flag

    Bloomberg's 'Dumb Question' in Headlines


    Interesting comments by the head of Pioneer about Whole Foods' recent decision concerning gene modified foods. He mentions a massive increase in crop yields, without which this world would be in trouble. Natural gene selection takes too long to keep up with population growth and movement toward higher potein diets. I didn't fully appreciate how much of DuPont's business is now directed toward agriculture. There are also multiple postings in the comments section of the article by a 'John' who appears to be the same person as FF on this board - same themes, comments, wording, insults, etc. I think I've asked this question before, but does anyone know why this twit has such a hatred of DuPont? If he's paid to bash companies, by whom and why? This is a long running issue of 10+ years, and he has devoted a significant part of his life to it, day and night, 7 days a week. It's easy to write him off as nuts, but does anyone have a rational explaination for his behavior? Just curious.

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    • Gulfman,

      John, known as Jack at DuPont, was a chemist at DuPont who did about 2 hrs of work per day (at most) in DuPont labs and at Edgemoor and Chamber Works. He was known for being a gabber and do-nothing and often signed on to others R&D reports to get credit.

      He worked for DuPont during the days when slouches and whiners were tolerated. Somehow, he made it all the way to 2002, before he was finally fired, by a WOMAN boss of all things (he has disdain for the fairer sex - witness his assaults on Ellen).

      You can tell when he got fired because his postings on Yahoo began in earnest in 2002.

      He bragged about his PhD from Aberdeen on Yahoo - that is until a reader pointed out that Aberdeen was about #149 best in the world. The he denied ever saying he went to Aberdeen (even though the evidence is right there in front of his eyes). He even alleges that he's met with various governors as a "consultant" in his field. Must be he runs the janitor crew in Dover or Trenton at the Guv's mansion.

      Why does "Jack" post 24/7/365 for 11 years? Good question. It's been confirmed that he did some work for various anti-DuPont unions, but even that job ran out. Shows you how bad he is when he's fired by a lazy union! He posts today simply to "feel important" and calls people his "readers" - rumor has it he used the johns at Edgemoor to draft notes on his device.

      One has to admit that Jack is very witty and makes the rest of us feel smarter and more fortunate to have good-paying jobs (unlike Jack).

      p.s. Dr. Fun, did I miss anything?

    • HaHaHa...Folks, now why would this hostile heckler be so agitated and obsessed over a single blogger with a differing viewpoint on DuPont issues??

      You don't suppose he is a member of DuPont Management or one of their shadowy agents or PR hacks, you think? It's simply remarkable how thin-skinned and hypersensitive these unethical DuPont Management camp followers are. What in the world must they be hiding that they cannot tolerate the slightest scrutiny from a solo outside voice?

      Incidentally looks like the farm hand of the ninth floor of the DuPont Building, Paul Schickler, is not going over too well with his clumsy PR shtick, judging by the comments from many readers of the GRID interview published by Bloomberg.

      Gotta laugh at the corrupt culture of this disreputable Company...funfun..

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