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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig May 17, 2013 3:56 PM Flag

    800 Lb. Gorilla, BASF, Enters Enzyme Market. Dismembered Dansico Watch Out!

    Suffering from Overhead Obesity, DuPont Traditionally Does Well Only In Markets With Little or No Competition.

    Good Evening, Bonsoir, Guten Abend, Buona Sera,

    Readers, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 that the largest chemical enterprise in the world, BASF, circa three times the size of the shrunken and shrinking DuPont Company, had entered into a license agreement with an American firm, Dyadic Int'l, Inc. BASF needs Dyadic's enzyme technology to go after animal and human nutrition markets.

    "BASF, based in Ludwigshafen, Germany, is using the Dyadic agreement to try to break the dominance of enzyme market leaders Novozymes A/S (NZYMB), DuPont Co. (DD) and Royal DSM NV (DSM). For Jupiter, Florida-based Dyadic, allying with BASF is another milestone in a 20-year effort to broaden the use of its technology, derived from a fungus found in Russia in the early 1990s, to industries beyond biofuels, chemicals and drugs."

    Hmmmmm...Looks like Danisco which has now been dismembered and fully subsumed into the lumbering DuPont conglomerate bureaucracy will be facing some stiff competition down the road from the German chemical colossus. BASF is the world's leading chemical maker, largest and most prestigious, a position DuPont held long ago for practically all of the last century. We're talking, of course, about the pre-Holliday/Kullman DuPont of yesteryear.

    Merely the evening perspective of one individual investor and long-time student of the devolving, deteriorating DuPont...funfun..

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    • Readers, notwithstanding the spin of one muddled and dishonest heckler (recall the other day he insisted that ADM was making big profits on turning corn into bad-mileage ethanol, when in fact ADM was turning out a load of red ink on its bio-products during its most recent six-month accounting period), there is no evidence BASF is going to go into the business of actually manufacturing bio-fuels, such as DuPont's wacky corn cob "gasoline". Nor is there any evidence, superior-managed BASF, or any other major chemical or energy corporation is going to copycat DuPont and the ludicrous Holliday-inspired business model of FOOD-to-FUEL & FABRICS.

      The more these DuPont Management shills squirm and worm, they more investors know this FTFAF business paradigm is profitless and pointedly unpromising. And indeed and in fact DuPont's big bio-fool partner BP is showing signs of wearying of the whole thing and disengaging from all this bio-foolishness. For example, BP has recently cancelled plans for a big $350 million ethanol factory in Highland County, Florida.


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      • Folks, you will notice the squirming stooge for DuPont Management rambling below by the moniker, "anti..." is deliberately ignoring the fact DuPont execs have already sunk $225 million in this one corn cob "gasoline" factory alone, in Nevada, Iowa. And how many more tens, if not hundreds of $millions in R & D and Butamax overhead and campaign PR & lobbying expenses? No matter how hard he tries to spin his story, there is no evidence BASF, or any other major, more sophisticated chemical or energy corporation is going into the actual business of refining bad-mileage ethanol from corn stover for sale.

        As for bio-butanol, we have not seen any proof DuPont can or will do that commercially. What happened to that magic Danisco bug which is supposed to pee out butanol in huge profitable quantities?

        And he ignores the fact that his ultimate "leader", DuPont Chieftess Ellen J. Kullman, publicly refers to the Company she runs as a "fuel company"! Is this petulant shill now refuting his glorious "leader" insisting she is not running a "fuel company"?

        Sure does not inspire investor confidence, when they see over the net how these avowed double-talking DuPont representatives and zealous fans operate with their deception and spin and sleaze!


      • Readers, I also said a few days ago that it's likely DD won't ever manufacture ethanol, or what Mr. Fun refers to as "corn cob" gasoline, in large scales commercially either. They would likely license their technology to ADM and other established producers after building a few plants to test and refine their technology. Sure enough, Mr. Fun digs up another news article shortly afterwards where a DD exec says DD's plant in Nevada, Iowa, will liklely be their last biofuels plant- consistent with my hypothesis. There's no need for DD to compete with established ethanol producers by building a fleet of expensive palnts when they can simply license their advanced biobutanol technology. There will clearly be a need for butanol as a gasoline additive due to gov't pollution/environmental mandates. As butanol delivers more energy than ethanol it also solves the low-mileage ethanol problem repeatedly brought up to bash DD by Mr. Fun. Apparently giant BASF realizes this too and wants in on a piece of the action. Just as DD is smart enough not to sink capital into an industry already rife with established producers, apparently so too is BASF? DD simply realized all this and acted years before "superior-managed" BASF, which is now apparently playing "catch up". Mr. Fun, as an "independent and unbiased" reporter/blogger here, how ever did you forget to mention these things to readers of this board?

    • Hey ZIG!

      I've read this entire string of posts and all I can say is that the only "800 lb. of ANYTHING" on THIS board is the load of "krappe" that you are spreading. Your (and your shill alias'") posts are replete with distortions, fabrications and downright LIES! You know nothing of the industry or the company involved, INCLUDING DuPont!

      ANYBODY who takes what you say as anything but comic relief should have a psycho session at east's bar! Just make sure that your "olde" hag/sot cleans the glass before he/she pours the pint! You never know what he/she put in the glass before serving you!

      Stay well, ZIG, and keep your prolific load of laughable "krappe" coming!

      The MIESTER

    • Readers & Investors, make no mistake about it. BASF is here and invading the enzyme sector in serious fashion!

      BASF, thrice the size of the diminished DuPont, has charged into industrial enzymes, one of BASF’s identified growth fields.

      * BASF has completed the acquisition of Henkel’s detergents enzyme technology.

      * BASF, as discussed above, has entered into a research and license agreement with the global biotechnology company Dyadic International, Jupiter, Florida, which provides access to a new production host technology.

      * BASF has signed off on a collaborative R & D deal with Direvo Industrial Biotechnology, Cologne, Germany, to develop a highly efficient feed enzyme for animal nutrition.

      With this triple play, BASF is loaded with strategic knowledge in animal and human nutrition, detergents and cleaners. The dismembered remnants of Danisco, having been dissolved like a corpse in acid into the DuPont conglomerate, should expect some heavy-duty competition!

      REFERENCE: AllAboutFeed, 05-17-13


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      • Mr. Fun, this “news” about BASF ramping up enzyme technology is really exciting, isn’t it? So, what you are really saying is that “superior-managed” BASF realizes what DD understood years ago- that use of enzymes to convert cheap biofeedstocks like cellulose into useful chemicals represents the future of the chemical industry. Better late than never, right? It’s certainly good to see DD’s decision made years ago affirmed by one of the giants of the chemical industry like BASF. Smart people those DuPonters, aren’t they?
        BTW, I noticed that both Dyadic and Direvo, though smaller companies, emphasize enzyme technologies on their websites for conversion of cellulose raw materials into glucose for ethanol biofuel production. So with these new investments, we learn that BASF is apparently interested in biofuels too. They must have run an economic analysis and come to the conclusion that the biz model can be profitable when waste cellulose is the feedstock, just as DD apparently surmised years ago. Mr. Fun, can we now expect you to condemn “superior-managed” BASF for investing in biofuels on BASF stock message boards everywhere, just as you condemn DD?

      • "The dismembered remnants of Danisco, having been dissolved like a corpse in acid into the DuPont conglomerate, should expect some heavy-duty competition!"

        Dr. Fun,

        You sure have quite a way with words. Now...about employment? Let's see, it's been 11 years since you had a real job (I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that you had a "real" job at DuPont before they fired you). Any chance you could get off the dole? Even unions have quit paying you to post.

        As for being "dissolved like a corpse in acid" - sounds like your stomach churning after two bags of telfon-laced microwave popcorn and 7 martinis.

        Just one month away for your big trip weekend to Columbus. Have a gay day.

    • Folks, frankly and personally, we just don't believe Danisco will be a very effective competitor going forward, since it was hacked up and cast into the fiefdoms of certain individual big bosses at DuPont. Moreover via the internet and social media, we have learned that much of the valuable talent and leadership that came with Danisco at the time Ms. Kullman was bidding against herself, and reaching a towering $7 billion on her shopping spree, has left the building. Oops.

      Currently the residue of Danisco in the DuPont conglomerate organisation plays second fiddle on the world stage in food additives and industrial enzymes to the larger and intensely-focussed Novozymes A/S, the largest enterprise in the field.

      And what ever happened to that much hyped magic bug of Danisco which was supposed to eat corn cobs and spit out huge commercial quantities of valuable, "Sustainable" corn cob "gasoline"?

      We hate to be the one to point out these intrinsic weaknesses, but investors need to counter the constant Beijing-style brainwashing waged from Fortress Wilmington under siege at enormous expense to DD shareholders.


    • So, you admit that DuPont is a market leader?

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