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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig May 22, 2013 1:31 PM Flag

    The Cancerous Hecklers Shilling For DuPont Management

    Obsessed With Malignancy

    Good Afternoon, Bonsoir, Guten Abend, Buenas Noches,

    Readers, some of you may be struck by the obsession with cancer of one particularly hostile heckler with "DD" in his misspelled moniker. This viciously vindictive personal attacker has repeatedly taken us to task for a typo we accidentally made, "Caner" (sic), which we quickly corrected in a later post to "Cancer".

    More than one heckler including the unethical stooge mentioned above have actually discussed their cancers on this board. What gives? Are they subconsciously blaming the undersigned for their malignancies? funfun has no connection with the fume-filled factories in which they may have worked or the contaminated water they may have have drunk unsuspectingly or the poisoned soil in their yards in which their kids or grand-kids played, or the air they breathed in propinquity to polluting plants.

    As ridiculous at it may seem, they are transferring their rage over their vile cancers against the undersigned. You see this every time we attempt to discuss with fellow investors the financial consequences of DuPont's extraordinarily toxic, cancer-causing Teflon chemical, C8 or PFOA.

    Merely the afternoon observations of one individual retail investor, and long-time student of the Not-SAFE-at-any-speed DuPont...funfun..

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      Wow, folks, have you seen anything like this? There is no humour in a tumour (and our own immediate family has had several incidences of cancer), but these cancerous surrogates for DuPont Management are out of this world with their spreading malignancy and vindictive pettiness. This sub-educated hack who doesn't even know how to spell the world "meister", has spent his entire internet career launching viciously vindictive personal attacks against yours truly. He has added absolutely nothing of substance to the DuPont board or any other site.

      Out sin? We dare to post heterodox opinions questioning the quality and performance of DuPont "leadership". [Now there's an oxymoron for you, "DuPont leadership".]

      This particular foul-mouthed shill, proudly exhibiting the Company's ticker symbol in his misspelled moniker, lies when he claims we have joked about BGLAD. We have never even used the acronym in any of our opinions, and we dare anyone to produce such a post.

      How desperate is the unethical trash in the DuPont Management camp in trying to impugn our credibility? Would-be DD investors should be able to see how an ingrained CHEAT-to-COMPETE culture like this never adds to shareholder value; it destroys it!


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      • Hey ZIG!

        "Out sin?" instead of "OUR sin?"? REEEEALLY ZIG?!?

        Oh, and "we" don't have to try to impugn your credibility". "WE" can't impugn what doesn't exist!

        Still waiting for you to PROVE any of your allegations about me, ZIG! Just more proof that you are not only a liar and STOOPID, but also that you can't walk your trash talk. (You can't spell either, dummy!)

        G'nite poor ol' STOOPID ZIG!

        The MIESTER

      • Wow! Folks, has the cancer invaded the brain of this pathologically obsessive heckler hell-bent on attacking us on a personal plain in any silly, childish way he can? Would-be hires, can you imagine working around creeps like this DuPont Management surrogate, or worse yet reporting to him as your immediate "superior"?? Unfortunately from what we gather from this board, DuPont is a cesspool overflowing with these malignant types.

        Gotta shake our head and laugh...funfun..

      • ZIG, ZIG, ZIG!

        Settle down little (per your wife!) man, or you'll burst an artery! All I asked you to do was to PROVE your allegations! ...which you still haven't done! All you've done is to try to snow people with your bombastic, hilarious diatribe that says nothing and (most of all) does NOT PROVE ANY of the statements that you have made about me!

        Boy ZIG, you are reeeeeally one STOOPID dummy! Can you hear that? It is EVERYONE laughing like hell AT YOU!

        I am only doing to you what you and your numerous board shill aliases do to DuPont and anyone who has the temerity to question or challenge one of your totally "krappe": posts!

        What's the matter ZIG? Can't take the heat little boy? Maybe you ought to get out of the kitchen, twerp!

        Nice to hear from you, even if you haven't the stones to PROVE anything except that you are a coward!

        The MIESTER (...and SOOO HAPPY that my board name irritates you so!)

    • ZIG!

      What a hilarious, malignant rant! Let's take a look at a couple of issues that you've brought up, shall we?!

      You maintain that I've misspelled my board name. PROVE IT! You (mistakenly - again) maintain that I meant to use the German word "Meister". PROVE IT! I meant to spell my board name EXACTLY the way it is spelled.

      I HAD cancer (or, as you misspelled it "CANER"). I've recovered and tests show that I do not have a detectable trace of cancer at this time (and for the past 10 years!). If you insist that I have cancer (or "CANER" if you will), PROVE IT! Or go on making fun of cancer survivors just like you make jokes about BGLAD's, women, blacks and other minorities. What a sick, mentally diseased mind you have!

      I, and a great many others on this board are NOT raging over anything. I am just looking to provide a glimpse into the dark, twisted mind of a pitiful, sorry loser with the DD board moniker of "funfundvierzig".

      ZIG, You are a sorry excuse for a human being, and a miserable failure as a "paid operative" shill!

      Now, go back to eastmoorbartender's establishment, crawl into your bottle of rotgut gin and sleep it off!

      Have a swell afternoon, ZIG!

      The MIESTER

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