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  • psychopath_watch psychopath_watch May 22, 2013 1:59 PM Flag

    MON btCorn eats holes in your gut

    bacillus thuringiensis(bt) is the naturally occurring gram positive soil bacteria that acts as an insecticide against corn rootworm. MODE of ACTION---the bt eats holes in the stomach of the insect, killing it.

    As we all know MON genetically modified the corn plant, and the corn produces the bt throughout the life of the plant.

    NO BIGGIE says MON! It is all gone time you eat those corn chips. WRONG. Canadian studies show the bt is in 93% the blood of those tested.

    The problem is the bt also eats holes in the gut of humans, and this likely is a primary cause of leaky gut , colitus, irritable bowel syndrome and assorted autoimmune diseases.

    Thousands of doctors around the globe are putting patients on nonGMO diets and usually the problems go away within a few weeks to months.

    more later--on autism and GMOs

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    • Psycho

      It's clear why you didn't get hired by the OLD DuPont like your father did!The OLD DuPont, you know the one where talented scientists were hired from prestigious schools, and helped invent things like Kevlar, Nomex, and many fine products.

      Yes, anyone who believes a single morsel of that gibberish that you rant AGAINST Monsanto about GMO shows what a dufus he really is.

      Your father is clearly not proud of such junk science coming from the brain of his son!

      And don't think for a minute that we are proud of you, either. Want our respect? Start owning up to the ugly truth about this dumbed down company, namely E.I. duPont de Nemours, and be honest about its copious shortcomings.

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