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  • easy2u_41 easy2u_41 Mar 2, 2014 9:24 AM Flag

    Can We For Once Be Serious About This Money Game We Are In?

    Reading these idiotic posts from many of you who have not one darn thing to offer from an intelligent point of view makes for a major waste of time.
    Here are Interesting comments that should excite the serious investor:
    DD finally broke resistance to allow us to move toward $70 a share.
    As the market wavers, DD is holding its own and slowing moving in the right direction.
    Ag. is the money maker for this business and it looks fantastic for share holders going forward.
    Wall Street likes cyclicals at the moment and we are much more than that now.
    I love the fact that 1850 resistance on the SP 500 is now behind us.

    DOES ANYONE, ANYONE HERE HAVE ANYTHING POSITIVE TO SAY, or do you all have the same mind set as people like the 401K jack off, fun fun whoever that waste of sperm is, and others like him/her that never contribute anything worth reading on this board.

    Now go #$%$ yourselves as I continue to build wealth!!!!!

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    • Easy, I am so with you its not funny. I suggested many years ago that yahoo could afford a roomful of college students to spend all day combing their fiansncial bopards getting rid of spammers, conmen and people using too much offensive language to make this the really good place it once was to glean information on stocks that Warren and his mother havent found yet. Yuh mean yahoo cant afford actual manpower or a software program to police these boards? I want a piece of the IPO that just goes up against yahoos stock message boards and spends 1/2 b to take all the serious people on here away from this toilet. Yahoo really earned their name in this debacle. Very sad nobody bothered to 'clean up the neighborhood."

      Sentiment: Hold

      • 1 Reply to mince38
      • I've actually suggested Yahoo employ non-paid interns for basically the same concept:
        1) Find the posts with the SAME spamming/phishing language in them.
        2) Find the associated Yahoo_IDs, which usually have the same pattern (i.e., (fake)FirstNameLastName_3or4DigitNumber)
        3) Have a higher up review examples of said posts, and make Final Deletion.

        But Yahoo's too busy updating their animated Logo on a daily basis...

    • easy....good point, but keep in mind, many other boards on this site are full of filth, jealousy, and hatred more so than this one. (Believe it or not) But speaking of money, I've been in at $42 and having thoughts of cashing in. I could wait a little longer to see if $70 could be real. Any thoughts?

    • I am up about 40% on DD over my cost basis. I like the div which continues to grow since my initial investment. I think it will continue to benefit shareholders. The negative and off-topic comments here are reflective of other Yahoo boards. Go to GE and BA for examples. Thanks for a germane post.

    • Hey BOZO are you one of the clowns like Greed who got canned when Invista was spun off. I've made double digit returns every year on DD shares for 30 years now. Yes every year. And Funnut may be a clown but he's a rich clown after all the money he made on MON shares. DuPont is better off splitting into little pieces as long as my pension is saved. Screw the rest of you. Smart

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