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  • ltbhdollars ltbhdollars Sep 23, 2004 12:07 PM Flag

    Anyone holding CLM and/or CRF?


    There are a number of differences between Amroys and Canroys.

    Biggest is that Amroys are GUARANTEED diminishing asssets while Canroys can and do constantly acquire new assets and therefore, if management does their job, maintains or increases the per unit asset value.

    Ponzi scheme or not, has been an ongoing arguement for years and will probably continue for years.

    Yes O&G trusts or portions of the trust are bought and sold as each trust deems feasible.

    Usually a trust (whether O&G or business trust) is from a mature company that has consistant earnigs, lo capex and lo to moderate growth prospects.

    The "sellers" are the stockholders and the "buyers" are the new unit holders. Of course, some stockholders of the old company may not wish to be trust owners and are free to sell their shares prior to conversion and of course after their stock is converted to trust units.

    Management usually stays the same. Incentive to management is Dollars just as is to stockholders, since the object is to "unlock" value. Incentive to unit holders in the new trust is an income stream which has been increased due to the tax treatment of Income Trusts. This income stream will be much larger than a comparable non trust company.

    IMHO, there is an income trust for every type of investor from ultra conservative to those more aggressive, however each investor must make their own style choices.

    Not trying to change or bias your perceptions, just wanted to give you some tools, so nuff said, won't mention again, seldom post unless it really appears I might be able to assist. The six or so posts have made last couple days are probably more than last 12 months and I am definitely not of the pumper variety.


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