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  • ltbhdollars ltbhdollars Nov 16, 2004 10:39 AM Flag

    Excellent Cdn Income Trust Primer

    Roger Conrad gives an approx. 60 minute introduction to Canadian Income Trusts. He is the editor of Canadian Edge (a pay newsletter), his presentation is quite complete and balanced. Very useful as a first time exposure. Touches on many aspects from US taxation, credit ratings etc.

    Click on the Roger Conrad link on the agenda.


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    • have started lisitening to.....refreshing diversion after the emotional experience on HBO documentary/special.......

      interesting...will take some time to finish........seems about right for fellow like me who knows little of CRTs...........looking forward to somewhat like being at a live presentation....though will miss the opportunity to ask questions.......

      may even try a post on.....


    • i trade only ERF and pgh right now..(they are my fav..).. Yes I know some other OIL stocks are better... petrochina and crap like that; however, i like the yield of these guys. And getting paid monthly isn't to bad either.

      Many reasons I trade OIL stocks right now..
      to name a short few:
      FAlling dollar(hedge), inflation, and outlook in middle east. This will force everyone(other countries) to other places for energy..
      Russia (TRF/CEE), China (petrochina..), Canada.. (oil trus, ERF PGH and so on..)..

      Natural gas is an issue as well....
      PGH and ERF are also in this area(another reason i like them).

      For those who like Gold/Silver metal..
      check CEF.

    • site works.......will listen to late tonight or early morn....tug

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