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  • ltbhdollars ltbhdollars Dec 4, 2004 2:08 PM Flag

    FWIW; More on Canroys

    A cross section of posters thoughts on the best 3 Canadian trusts going forward ... not to be confused with ONLY O&G trusts ... although most are O&G, with a couple drillers and a sprinkling of business trusts. If you need assistance in determining who they are add a .UN and look up here:

    For instance AE is AE.UN (Acclaim Energy Trust)

    Poster First Second Third

    0123456 PEY PTF AY
    4sure1 AE AVN VKR
    bakerboy AE AVN SIN
    BCBrian3 GCI AE BTE
    beehopper TDG IPL PES
    butterfly13 TDG TIL DHF
    bryand REI EIT AY
    bychoice BNP CXT EIT
    canmex H TE PMT AVN
    chico99 TDG AVN PES NAL
    clambakes NVG PMT AY
    class act COS PEY AVN
    davey7680 AE AVN NAE
    dlloyd AE NAE VKR
    earthacq H TE TDG AFN
    eastearner AE TDG PEY EIT
    etsio OGF SDT EIT
    flattrack EEE BTE PTF
    franko13 EWI EIT SDT
    fritzie NAE AE AET
    Gambleman01 TDG PEY CNQ
    gerryhar PEY BNP FET
    GreenBastard H TE EEE PGF
    greenred TDG PMT EIT
    hstrybuf TDG DAY BNP
    investr22 PEY H TE AE
    jerryv H TE PMT TDG
    jss PMT H TE AE AVN
    kevinkt PEY H TE PBB SCU
    largeinvest PEY TDG COS
    Lem2 BNP H TE AVN
    marlyn999 PEY TDG SIF
    marshall12 TDG AET BNP
    marte EIT AE AET
    mooser BNP H TE AE PMT
    nadreck PEY BR TDG WMB SRF
    nobudy SIF RVD EEE MOG
    othelo AE TDG PES EEE NVG
    PolarLight AE NAE PGB TDG
    raylewis BAD TDG BR
    robinbrook TDG PEY H TE
    rocki AET AE NAE
    roots9 AY VKR AE
    rotair69 BTE TDG AE
    rsky PEY TDG REI
    samiamdj PEY ZAR H TE
    sarnakc H TE AE DAY EEE
    seriousinvest OST TDG H TE
    sgilmo COS PEY VET
    sportstermathew PEY TDG CXO
    tele8 BNP ERF AY
    tomtom EIT AE VKR
    tv52489 PEY TDG H TE
    wildcherry VKR TDG SCU
    williamviril AEU COS OST
    wynner PMT NVG AVN AY VKR
    zilem PMT BR NAL


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    • The previous cross section recommendations, which are a good starting point for any new Canadian trust buyers, has been summarized by a nice poster as follows:

      Begin Quote

      I tried to summarize the top 3 list. There may be some minor computation errors but here's the summary. Replies from 59 people totaling 193 TRUSTS (MORE THAN 3*59 BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE GAVE MORE THAN 3 reommendations).

      There were 51 trusts named but many only mentioned once or twice. Those getting more than 5 mentions are as follows: First tier-TDG(22)(clearly #1),PEY(16), AE(15), HTE(12) Second tier-AVN(8), EIT(8), BNP(8), PMT(7), AY(6), COS/OST (I combined them)(6), VKR(6) and NAE(5).

      End Quote

      LTBHs NOTE: I believe OST and NAE are not DTC eligible and therefore problematic on with holding and timely distribution issues for US residents.

      Best o Luck

      • 2 Replies to ltbhdollars
      • Thanks for the continuing education on canroys. Although I hold several and have done some DD, I always learn something new in your posts.

        I also have EVDVF, but due to the doubt that it will be "qualified" and its recent pull back, I will likely dump it soon while I still have a decent profit.

        I like PWI and others that are marginable but I also like the real McCoy canroys, so it is a trade-off, whether you want better stuff or the use of more margin.

        Schwab seems to be a "lax" broker, since last year they reported the proper amount of ROC for PWI and ERF, but showed foreign tax paid for the whole distribution. Last year I did not own any of the pink sheet canroys, so this year it will be interesting how Schwab handles them.

        Question? How do you determine the proper amount of foreign tax to claim on the 1040 or 1116? I suppose you reduce the foreign tax paid by prorata amount of ROC vs. total Distribution?? Not likely to be a IRS audit red flag, if you claim LESS foreign tax paid that the amount on the 1099?

      • thanks, glad i read ahead 9often do not), was just getting ready to do such......your second thought(follow up) post saved quite a bit of time...........tug

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