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  • j.qpublic30 j.qpublic30 Dec 6, 2012 8:29 PM Flag

    Still more BUYERS than sellers

    The name of the site is AVAFIN. You have to google it

    As for portly, everyone should know HE'S A SHORT. So the only thing coming from him is disinformation, not worth responding to. To blackjesus, wall street can manipulate stocks and way too many times, stock prices fall when wall streets BUYS. Go to the ARNA website and you'll soon learn.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • That's too funny. Please regale the board with evidence of such. And tell us where I said anything that was false. Specifics please. And since you are a NErvous Nellie you need to understand it makes absolutely no difference to the future of the stock price. I promise you that when everything turns out well with your finances you're feelings won't be hurt so easily, you won't be scared anymore about how others invest and you will be one of the big boys. As you so brilliantly said above, you'll soon learn.

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      • there is no question stocks can be manipulated by wallstreet so that they can get a better price... but it doesnt change the fact that more sellers than buyers brings price down... not up. And just because the price goes down doesnt mean it was manipulated... could just be that people are nervous given recent events plus low volume means and not enough buyers means price down.

        God knows... given the money I have in this thing... if this goes south i will really get burned. I hope the downward trend is not a sign of things to come. however i havent sold. good luck to us all.

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