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  • davidnornberg davidnornberg Jan 25, 2013 1:23 AM Flag

    This company is becoming a serious risk...

    I don't know... if this goes under 1.40$ i'm out. There is so much i can take.


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    • You said that you have $2 a share in it?

      And now your thinking about selling?

      Seems to me you should have sold before the bad news in Dec.

      Now you want to sell before the runup to the next big news?

      You make no sense at all.

      Even if they get bad news on March 1 on zyhydro approval and the PPS plummets to $1 it will still recover to $2+ a share later in the year.

      Just remember that often times what will happen before a major runup is the MM;s will engineer a major dip to shake out the weak hands.

      Even if ZGNX goes down another .25 when the run up starts it will be major and very very fast.

      The PPS movement right now is doing just what it is supposed to do.

      Mess with your head and make you lose confidence.

      I have been there and made the same mistake.

      If your really that worried about it and just want out as soon as possible set up a AON limit sell good til cancelled and forget about it. You can do that at $1.55, $1.60, on up to $1.75 and pretty well be assured of getting your return in less than a month. The lower you set it the quicker you will get it.

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    • The worst thing you can do is allow yourself to fret over the daily ups and downs.

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    • how much did you buy?

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      • Im not saying to buy or not to buy but Davidnornberg is extraordinarily unintelligent. Your in from 2 and thinking of selling your position prior to big conferences while sitting on a big loss. Im not buying a single word coming out off your mouth. Your either a liar or fool but either way not someone id ever respect or listen to. ZGNX may be denied but only if the FDA guidance is for abuse deterrent pills. If they stay on course blaming Docotors overzealous prescribing than I think we stand a good shot. Things like the EXALGO alliance show that the FDA is willing to work and modifyREMS plans to get certain drugs to market and I see no reason zohyrdo can't work out a similar deal. Please share why you would think zohydro couldnt work out a deal. I always love new facts but clowns like David never have any of those.

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