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  • mentalalchemist mentalalchemist May 3, 2013 2:59 AM Flag

    I read the 40% Haircut Article Today in SA

    I currently own no shares in ZGNX, but I have been in and out of this stock numerous times over the past two years and I do like the company.

    The article is SA was compelling, but ignores completely the real case for why zohydro might be turned down.

    The real reason behind the FDA giving it the thumbs down if, or when it does will be political. The panel at the FDA will bow to Congressional pressure and completely ignore the merits of zohydro. The large pharmaceutical firms who have well estableshed political connections who have developed their tamper resist formula's with new patents stand to retain their monopoly they have had for years with the patents that have run out by getting Congress to pressure the FDA to make tamper resit new the standard requirement. If they now allow zohydro through it would create a dangerous exception to the new policy.

    If you doubt FDA regulations and opinions can be determined by the government I suggest you read up on the more recent flak going on over the contraceptive PLAN-B and the issue of allowing it to be sold over the counter to 15 year old female children. The Obama Administration stopped it in the run up to the election, but now since the election is over they are allowing it. Its all about the politics and the big money interests behind it.

    The excuses and arguments that will be played out in public will never address the real reasons because they are indefensable. Always propaganda is contrived to make the decision sound palatable and justifiable to the public to allow for the corrupt political maneuvering to remain hidden.

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