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  • deckybox03 deckybox03 Oct 28, 2013 6:44 PM Flag

    Can someone tell me what happen today?

    Didnt really understand what happen with the big drop, the drug get approve shouldnt the price go up? Is it just because the company running out of fund or is there other reason? Just want some opinion

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    • Multiple articles from SA and Motley Fool paid for by shorts resulting in panic selling on top of a not so good day for the Nasdaq. Shorts don't want to give up the ghost yet and are selling at specific times throughout the day based on RSI strength.. frothing at the mouth if a support level gets broken. There's a ton of videos on youtube that reveal their strategy.. it's really fascinating to watch people make their living this way and many just use a volatile stock to short and cover on the same day (that could be any biotech stock). Automatic stop loss sales are triggered as a result this bolstering their cause.. but that's only my small opinion... if I have it wrong I would love to hear your thoughts... unless they are from the PIG!

    • ZGNX needs money for marketing hydrozo. They pumped up 4/share premarket to trick investors to buy it. When the market opens, it was only 3.40/share, and it dropped all the way down to 2.81 after hour. I think this stock won't be up for a week. Just let them spend your money for marketing. After that, it will go back up.

    • yeah, it was a pretty disappointing day. but it usually takes a few days for the long money to come in. i'm holding.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Shorts piling on.

      They will use the dillution scare that ZGNX is getting ready to roll out the ATM.

      I am out with no skin in the game, but I know one person personally who made $4,000 shorting. He already covered a few minutes before close.

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