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  • ggray1956 ggray1956 Oct 29, 2013 9:59 AM Flag

    Some of these analysts make me sick...

    Zogenix Is Vastly Over-valued Even With FDA Approval. Seeking worthy?...NOT!!!...right? This stock will take off after they do the real numbers...PERIOD!!! I would not doubt if someone tried to buy them because of this. Have a great day!!!

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    • you need a biig lesson in objectivity. your bias wreaks. you know nothing about comparative biotech valuation.
      you're likely the type that falls in love with a story and can't see straight. waay more rookies here with a painkiller--real science stocks have smart people following them. likely too complicated for this crowd. it's amusing to see the content differences--no content here.

    • Seeking Alpha is a joke - for D-list "bloggers" who can't get a real job. They've never been right in any stock I've invested in. If you're following the advice of a Seeking Alpha blogger, than you shouldn't be investing...or just go to the casino!!!

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    • Those 2 articles in Seeking Alpha were written by a guy who is short and losing his #$%$. He probably is involved at a hedge fund that shorted zgnx big time. He knows it will go up, but is desperate to lower the pps in any way possible to minimize losses. Wall Street has no idea how huge Zohydro will be, it will REPLACE OxyContin for patients beginning pain management, it's standard to start treatment with the weak opiates first, then titrate up if needed. Hydrocodone is much weaker than oxycodone, the drug that previously was the initial long acting starting med. Even a future abuse-resistant product won't hurt Zohydro, hospitals, nursing homes, in-patient care facilities, and cancer centers won't pay extra for an abuse-deterrent product since nurses administer the medicine to each patient one dose at a time. Anybody working in healthcare knows how big Zohydro is going to be.

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    • Any writer from SA are not analyst. They are home brew want to be. Anyone can look at ZGNX and the potential revenue that Zoh ER will bring to it will say it's worth more then $220m market cap currently. At $3/share atm it's cheap. There's at least a 50% upside alone with Zoh ER. Look at what's in their pipeline and you can count the profit.

      Anyways, I gave my aunt advice that if ZGNX trades 3.25-3.50 range load up. This stock would double by next year.

      Let see if I'm right or ADAM FARSTEIN is right.

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