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  • ithrowupanddeuce ithrowupanddeuce Mar 29, 2014 6:10 PM Flag

    The obvious

    A governor cannot just ban an fda approved drug on a whim in his state. It would require at least a bill from the state legislature, that he could then sign, and it would have to survive a court challenge. ZGNX management knows this, they really tipped their hand that they are in on the current manipulation going on with the stock price. They put out a scary looking PR about an event that isn't even legally enforceable just a comment that was made by a governor who is assuredly in someone's pocket. Everything is #$%$ get used to it.

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    • Yes, it's obvious someone got paid off to approve Zohydro ER. 11 - 2 against approval and wala the FDA approves it. C'mon Man!

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      • Don't think for a moment that the big pharma's weren't in the pockets of the advisory committee!
        Why do you think the ONLY reason they listed against approval was the potential for abuse! Nothing said about the success of phase 3 and the benefits that this drug will give millions of people! YOU C'MON MAN!

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      • No, actually it's the opposite. If you've been following the FDA, you would know they have been pushing for an extended release hydrocodone for a decade now so they can limit APAP in combination pills. Companies such as Purdue that make $600 million per quarter spend a ton of cash buying consultants, funding 'patient advocacy groups', and funding programs that employ many in the medical field. If you listened to the Advisory Board tapes, they seemed much more preoccupied trying to sideline Zohydro. Listen to the tapes. I am convinced it is the ADVISORY BOARD that was paid off, not the FDA. The advisory board is many times easier to manipulate since they are really not a part of the FDA. THe advisory board didnot stay on task, like the FDA was trying to reiterate during the meeting. I am CONFIDENT that if an inquiry goes forward, it will show definite ties between members of the advisory board and Big Pharma.

    • I think he can because he declare some kind of emergency. What he should do is bring in the National Guard and round up all the know Drug Dealers. Hooahh
      I didn't notice if there is a time limit on a State of Emergency but he looks like a fool because this antidote he is now requiring the police to carry has been on the market since the 60"s. Hopefully this ban will have to make sense to others to stay in effect.

    • I know. Next those hillbilly states will try to ban plan B. And the feminist will go nuts. Rightfully so ;-)

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