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  • jenniferremington1990 jenniferremington1990 Nov 24, 2012 4:27 PM Flag

    MANF Potential Could be Huge

    I've begun to change my opinion on AMBS in part because of sc becoming bearish, which is the ultimate contrarian indicator. In addition to this, the potential for MANF is not to be dismissed. Below is a post from a member on Investorshub that I think is worth posting here. As we know AMBS's patents on MANF were upheld in court in Europe so their claims are legitimate. The fact that this company owns such valuable patents on a potential blockbuster drug is worth hundreds of millions. The current valuation of roughly $9 Million is quite absurd.

    From iHub post:
    "MANF has several potential game changing applications :
    1. ischemic and hypertrophic cardiac disease
    2. limiting the collateral tissue damage induced by cerebral ischemia (i.e. strokes, TIA's)
    3. treatment for early stages of Parkinson's Disease

    the first 2 should be relatively easy to develop, trial and commercialize due to ease of drug delivery
    the final application needs outside help from a large biotech company that can create a delivery system to the SN via the blood brain barrier.

    all constructive inputs are appreciated since I am a stock holder not a basher.
    I still can't understand why this tiny company has not been gobbled up by a bigger player ??"

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    • dear jeniffer,
      i saw you in ihub also.
      i am a daytrader, never hold a share more than couple days, but amarantus biosciences is something special.

      the cofounder from amgen is on ambs board, comes from 60 billion company to 10 million! company. he says he believes this is something great, and not seen in his 45 years carreer...

      from ihub

      AMBS 25.November 2012

      parkinson / alzheimer USA over 1,5 million,
      USA Europe Japan = 8-10 billion $ market

      AMBS O/S = 224 million, A/S 1 billion = O/S & A/S = 1224 million.

      AMBS can dilute the next 12-14 mounths max 276 million to still have the control over AMBS
      in 12-14 mounths O/S = 500 million, A/S = 724 million
      financing convertibles dilution = average 0,20$ by 500 million O/S = 100 million $ marketcap.
      preclinical = 0,04-0,06
      result ok phaseI = 0,12-0,15
      phase2 = 0,25
      phase3 = 0,50
      FDA = 1$-3$
      Market = 10$-14$

      pps now november 2012 by 0,04 uscent. marketcap 9 million $.

      AMBS CEO wrote already on wednesday, there is NO DILUTION since q10 ( last two weeks), so AMBS is not the reason for falling stock.

      224 million O/S at moment, 149 million on the float, 75 million in investorhands, round 10% insider.

      it looks like a snowball rolling down the mountain and is getting bigger and faster. still, we have a great company, great experts on board, winning patents, positiv medreports, investors with 0,10 convertibles at moment.
      next step is hopefully positiv testresults on december, and finaly the trial phase I, and there is still the possibility to make it faster with the ODA (orphan drug status) to get the FDA.
      and people, investors, be just happy to have a ceo which held us uptodate, i know from my years of traderexperience, there is a lot of companys they dont give a sh** about what you thinking, they just make his own profit behind your back, and you know nothing what happened, so just be thankfull for a ceo who takes also time for you!

      its your choose, everyone can sell his shares, your risiko is losing some %, your chance is 10000%.
      for me still strong buy.
      i hope the list was helpfull for some of us, if i forgot something please write to me, there is also big support in germany for ambs, and we all know, we are in the beginning.

      even the chart looks nice, since weeks didnt fall after 500% gain.

      wish you all a nice weekend.

      HISTORY AMBS (very short)

      NOVEMBER 2012

      *ONEMEDPLACE REPORT: These data serve as strong evidence that positions MANF as a potential breakthrough therapeutic treatment for ischemic heart conditions. This study adds to an accumulating body of research that all corroborate the therapeutic effects of MANF. Since its original discovery in 2003, MANF has been the subject of over 20 independent studies that identify its ability to treat disease states.

      ....Taken together these studies delineate the vast potential of MANF as a therapeutic, providing Amarantus with the requisite empirical evidence needed to propel this drug candidate into advanced developmental stages and clinical trials."

      *Amarantus BioSciences Wins MANF Patent Challenge in Europe:

      *Amarantus BioSciences to Present at CNS Summit 2012

      *Amarantus BioSciences Secures $1.1 Million in Financing, convertibles for 0,10$

      *Amarantus Biosciences and RBCC Outline Terms for NuroPro Parkinson's Blood Test Joint Venture

      *Amarantus BioSciences Explores Orphan Drug Strategy Based on MANF Protein Folding

      *Amarantus BioSciences Appoints Dr. Robert J. Zimmerman (BAYER biotech director) as Product Development Advisor

      *Amarantus BioSciences Appoints Amgen Co-Founder Dr. Joseph Rubinfeld to Advisory Board


      *Amarantus BioSciences Appoints Clinton O. Allen (Bristol Myers Squibb Senior Director of Corporate Compliance Audit, Director of Risk Management, Director of Product Development) To Advisory Board

      *Amarantus Biosciences Awarded Research Grant by Center of Excellence in Apoptosis Research

      *Amarantus BioSciences Acquires Option to License LymPro Alzheimer's Diagnostic Blood Test


      *Amarantus BioSciences Co-Founders honored among 2012's "50 Most Important African-Americans in Technology"


      *Amarantus BioSciences Featured in BioWorld Today, Brewer Sports Symposium and Opportunist Magazine

      *Amarantus BioSciences to Present at the National Investment Banking Association's (NIBA)122nd Conference in New York City


      *Amarantus BioSciences to Present at the New York Biotechnology Association (NYBA) 21st Annual Meeting on May 2nd, 2012


      *Amarantus BioSciences Reports Addition of New Scientific Articles to MANF Publications List


      *AMBS present preclinical data on MANF at the 14th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Experimental Neurotherapeutics (ASENT) Conference at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington, D.C.

      NOVEMBER 2011

      *GLOBE: Amarantus Biosciences, a Promising Biotech Company in Development.


      *Amarantus BioSciences Receives Notice of Allowance for U.S. Patent Covering MANF Discovery


      *Amarantus BioSciences and Generex Biotechnology Announce Collaboration to Treat Pre-Diabetes


      *Generex Biotechnology and Amarantus BioSciences Announce Oral-lyn-Focused Collaboration Program

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Great comment. Im sure the offer,s are around the corner!!!!!!!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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