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  • scappy25 scappy25 Sep 5, 2013 5:47 PM Flag

    Dont like AMBS and here to help?

    Give some solid leads on DD. I hate pumpers for their lack of specificity and that they lie. I don't like bashers for the same reason. To me, they are all morally inferior #$%$ who cant make a buck without taking a dump on someone's hopes and dreams.

    All that said, I would hate to lump a decent human being with views contrary to mine in with the wastes of human life, any more than I would want to be called a pumper.

    Many have done DD and have formed an opinion. So, to us, the researching types, please share your thoughts as to why this is a scam, fraud, or just bound to fail. Scientific proof, verifiable information via a Google search, things like that.

    Fellow researchers! I implore you to help with DD.

    A final note: there will no doubt be #$%$bags who post nonsense here. I urge you to hit ignore and report them.

    I realize trying to have an intelligent conversation will be difficult but this is one of the few boards on which actually had such conversations, so if I am to embark on. fool's errand, it might as we be this one

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    • I've spent a significant amount of free time doing DD over the past few weeks. I've found info and come to some conclusions in two main areas:

      1. Dominion Capital is a one-man operation led by a young individual by the name of Mikhail Gurevich. His business address is listed as a suite in a building in lower Manhattan, but all of his SEC filings are linked to a residential address, 3 Fraser Lane, Westport, CT. According to public tax records, this house is owned by Yefim Gurevich, likely Mikhail's father. It would appear that Mikhail has been fairly successful through a couple of startup ventures after receiving his MBA from Boston University a few years ago. A former partner of his through the startup ZepFrog/ZepInvest recently held a fairly high-level position with Seeking Alpha (where positive articles from Jason Napodano on AMBS frequently appear).

      2. I believe that our "watsonhelper" is Dr. Ezio Giacobini. Read some of his papers and books (large portions available for free through Google Books). He is a highly respected member of the Alzheimer's research community. Assuming I am correct, his praise for AMBS lends a lot of credibility to the company and their work.

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      • holeinone1965 Sep 5, 2013 9:51 PM Flag

        B_G good job! I did not follow that far in with Dominion Capital but our conclusion of Watsonhelper was identical... We can't make people think or do what we think is right for them they have to act on their own, I have enjoyed and cried through many research companies and all I can say is it is a journey and takes time, there will be good days and bad days but in the end if your right you will be rewarded. Good luck my friend!

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    • To everyone that posted a reply. Thanks so much for your time and expertise and I hope y'all keep posting and ignore all the low life's Very very much appreciated.

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    • Scappy, I'm sorry but I think all you're gonna get are people like you and me who have done DD and have come to the conclusion that at this price there really is no downside, and lots of significant upside. People trying to short for pennies do so because they think everything this low is going to fail. Seriously, a neuroprotective compound that can also prevent diabetes (basically has the ability to correct an autoimmune disease in mice), the possibilities are endless. The thing is I understand how MANF works. It is induced by cells undergoing the unfolded protein response (UPR). This occurs through a variety of cellular stress pathways. Basically if a cell gets malnourished by not enough sugars, loss of an essential amino acid, or other cellular stress to the protein synthesis machinery (endoplasmic reticulum), the UPR gets activated.

      The UPR activates two pathways, one of them is apoptosis and causes the cells to die. The other pathway is cytoprotective and leads to a few processes including autophagy (engulfing unnecessary parts of the cell to prevent cells to undergo apoptosis). There is a fine balance, and if the UPR response is activated too vigorously, cells undergo apoptosis. If cells get a little activation of the UPR response, cells undergo the protective pathway and stay alive. MANF is a part of this cytoprotective pathway. Not only that, it has been found that administration of MANF can tip the edge of cells (neurons is the most frequently studied cell) on the brink of death (lets say due to Parkinson's, Alzheimer's beta-amyloid, stroke, etc), to push cells to the stay alive pathway.
      Basically this can be important in any disease where cells are dying by immunologic or other mechanisms (such as Beta cells in diabetes).

      Shorts don't see this because they don't do DD. I see this because I am a nerd, I love (and understand) science, and I search pubmed for fun. Nerdy yes, but I already mentioned that.

      The potential of this compound is through the roof

    • Amarantus has issued patents and patents pending on MANF. Those hold intrinsic value in an of themselves without commercialization

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      • And the Patents are defensible, meaning the coverage is broad

        RBCC Target Amarantus Wins MANF Patent Challenge in Europe

        NOKOMIS, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Rainbow Coral Corp. (OTCBB: RBCC) joint venture target Amarantus Bioscience, Inc. (OTCQB: AMBS) recently won a major victory when its patent for MANF, the company’s proprietary anti-apoptosis therapeutic protein, was challenged in Europe.

        “The Opposition Division’s decision validates broad protection for MANF and derivatives across major European jurisdictions.”
        The Opposition Division of the European Patent Office upheld Amarantus’ European Patent relating to the neurotrophic factor following opposition by rival Hermo Pharma OY of Finland.

        The Opposition Division held that Hermo Phrama’s arguments did not prejudice the maintenance of the patent as originally granted, with broad claims covering MANF and its derivatives. The Opponent had not contested the validity of the patent on the basis of novelty or inventive step, but had objected to the broad scope of the claims. After due consideration, the Opposition Division rejected the Hermo Pharma’s arguments and upheld the claims without restriction.

        “This is a highly significant decision for Amarantus, after an extended period of uncertainty,” said Marc Wilkinson PhD, European Patent Attorney of UK firm Avidity IP, representing Amarantus. “The Opposition Division’s decision validates broad protection for MANF and derivatives across major European jurisdictions.”

        The decision was significant for RBCC, as well. The company’s biotech subsidiary, Rainbow Biosciences, is close to finalizing a joint venture with Amarantus to develop and market new therapies and treatments for neurological diseases including Parkinson’s and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) around the world. By upholding the patent, the European Patent Office has cleared the way for potentially lucrative promotion and distribution of MANF on that continent.

      • AMBS own intellectual property on MANF.. MANF is indicated for the treatment of several poorly served medical conditions, including Parkinson’s disease, Ischemic Heart Disease and Traumatic Brain Injury.

        Heavy, heavy stuff..

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