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  • watsonhelper watsonhelper Sep 13, 2013 6:30 AM Flag

    Three core factors forthcoming, IMO

    Remember the MANF platform, franchise, whatever you wish to call it, it's meant to be a bolt-on product to help address many concerns. It will affect the deterioration of a plethora of diseases alone, it will help cure diseases with other aspects and repair or slow damage from said severe diseases. I am taking a stab at this, so please understand that I don't work for or control PR data that comes out. There should be a dark period next week on insider trading. I am specific on Novartis for a couple reasons, known interest, known MA connections that are working hard together with past alliances. Novartis is working on Type 1 specifically, something most don't know about above and beyond anything obvious and public, once more with MANF as a bolt-on, not a cure alone. They started working with it and also with MANF two years ago. There's someone on here asking about the correlation two years ago with the guy, postgost (sp) in another thread and surprisingly no one even said a word. I think riskreturn was too busy trying to debunk me, which is cute, and then there is an argument that MANF won't help Type 1, argue all you want, you're severely wrong if you think it doesn't stop cell death in Islets. There should be any of a few things happening in the very near-term. Lympro update and validation, a BD move to follow with exclusivity, one more Orphan indication I believe TBI will come first due to a partnership with the US government on addressing TBI with soldiers, the NFL is important, but let's face facts, war destroys far more brains via trauma. You will see something with Novartis asap unless there is a glitch slowing it down. pharma is fighting for licensing MANF, Gerald is smart and creating MANF indications for each disease so many pharma's can license, rather than one. I suspect your next PR by Monday afternoon on any one of those items, all of them before the end of September. All my opinion, my suspicion, my guess, don't buy anything on a word I say.

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    • cRUD i thought maybe we getting something new from Watson and all it is, is RR trying to puff his chest again.

    • Brewer Sports conference at the United Nations building - coincidence in regard to the mention above about a US Gov't partnership? Great meeting and place to announce a partnertship and focus on TBI indication.

    • Thanku

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    • It's only a matter of time.

    • watsonhelper I appreciate all of your post. Keep up the good work.

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    • Watson, safe trip. I am on your side. I did not post about this company two years ago. I only found out about this company about 2 months ago. Did you see my reply to your post in the thread about type I diabetes?
      What I was saying was, yes, I believe eventually MANF could seek the indication for TREATMENT of type 1 or type 2 diabetes. But that may not be the best course of action up front. It may be better to seek the course of finding early patients (high risk patients with a family history of type I diabetes with evidence of attack on beta cells by the immune system- autoantibodies ) to PREVENT the development of type I diabetes. This can also actually get orphan status as no drug to date has been shown to do this. It is better to try to save the beta cells you have then to try to make new ones, or replace them with someone else's beta cells (i.e. islet cell transplant).

      That was all I was saying. Thanks for your hard work. Like you, I invest in companies that have the science backing the company up. Unlike RR, I do feel that people who don't have a scientific background can post about the science of a company. I don't know about the behind the scenes of this or any company, but I do know that MANF can be a good drug for the prevention of cell death in many diseases. TBI is a great indication for MANF

    • watsonhelper: Nice guess work!! You say you are a scientist, but I find it strange you don't provide any EVIDENCE for your claims and speculation. Most of the scientists I know are very FACT oriented. Rather than engaging in unsupported speculation, their background and training requires them to provide LINKS to back up the claims they make. You, on the other hand, do none of that! You remind me more of Professor Marvel in the Wizard of Oz; a phony operating behind a curtain. But like him you have a kind way about good luck to us all. May our investment in AMBS help heal people of a myriad of diseases and earn the less saintly among us...A BUCKET LOAD OF MONEY!!

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      • In fairness much he has shown evidence. I read links to data he posted that weren't anywhere obvious until he showed where or called it in advance. You also have to get a clue about Yahoo, in my short time here, you don't get many links in, they simply get deleted, even in part. He posted about the last Orphan PR before it came out and specified info on it, which again was deleted a few days later. I am sure threads are still here. He found the link to the JDRF stuff first sharing the abstract before it was deleted on here and I posted right after his posts disappeared calling it out, those threads are still here with me giving him credit. He also called out the capital forthcoming as of recent in news days before. I personally think it's an insider of AMBS trying to keep the stock afloat, just my feelings. I take everything with a grain of salt unless there's evidence, saying things are going to happen is speculation, which we're all entitled to and I don't need to agree with everything he or anyone says. I'm not stupid enough to buy on some strange person's comments, it would be like selling because you disagree with him, even though he posted many facts. I don't think an average Joe gets into the discussions between Posgost, the other alleged doc that he does unless there's some knowledge there above and beyond. Who cares what his agenda or anyone's is, ignore them if you don't like them, right? I think it may be disingenuous to post that someone is not sharing evidence when the guy has probably 20 posts with nothing but links and evidence.

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    • Supposebly Gerald was invited to present in Helsinki at the request of Novo Nordisk, a company who's focus is in the field of diabetes.

      Google "Novo Seeds and Soren Moller". Novo Seeds is the division of Novo Nordisk that funds new start-up companies.Soren Moller is the Investment Director. Soren presented in the 9 a.m. group in Helssinki. Gerald presented in the group following. A coincidence that he was there? I think not.

      Bidding war between Novartis and Novo Nordisk?

    • I am in Xuchang Monday, leaving today from Chicago. Limited response on my end for days due to travel unless my layover gets delayed.

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