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  • riskreturn168 riskreturn168 Sep 29, 2013 10:52 AM Flag

    Highlights Of My Conversation With Gerald (LymPro)

    Regarding LymPro: It was interesting observing Gerald talk about LymPro. I think he has moved on from the BD validation result announcement (they'll be out shortly) He knows they are positive. He views their official announcement as a "milestone" in LymPro's development. The completion of the CLIA another "milestone." Commercialization comes next, but even that he mentioned as just another "milestone." In Gerald's mind, and his team's mind, nothing short of LymPro becoming the "industry standard" is a win for them. That will take time after commercialization begins before doctors all over the world immediately think of LymPro when trying to diagnose whether a patient has alzheimers. I asked him if this is doable? He said: "we are on the fairway, not in the rough." I asked him if there would be other competitors with blood tests that will challenge us? He said to become the "industry standard," it's more than just having an accurate blood test, it's being able to get the big players in Alzheimers around the world to embrace you. On our board is Dr. Adam Simon, a world renown authority on Alzheimer's disease. He consults with the ADNI (Alzheimer's Disease Neuro-imaging Initiative: a collaboration of the world's major players in curing alzheimers) Dr. Simon is the guy who accompanied Gerald in that Sept. 18th meeting with BD. He is a HUGE asset to us in achieving Gerald's goal of becoming the "industry standard." He knows the value of LymPro. I think Gerald's obtaining more financing was done so that he can wait on a Sales Partnership until that partner is willing to pay more. He said, "people may offer to pay you 'x' now, but a little down the road will be willing to pay 100 times x." I think the added financing is giving Gerald more bargaining power with partners for LymPro and MANF, and he has the bigtime advisors to coach him on what value he should hold out for.

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