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  • jfjf666 jfjf666 Oct 10, 2013 11:19 AM Flag

    LymPro Validation Data Better Be Good

    There is speculation that Gerald already has the report from B.D. Why isn't he releasing it?

    If the data leaves any doubt about LymPro the share price will drop to three cents or less now that there are almost 700,000,000 shares to be out there very soon.

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    • lol.. why are you so manipulative in your statements?
      how will there be that many shares if we don't reach .10??

      I'm just sayiing (wink)..

      if you were so confident in your short position.. you wouldn't need to be
      so desperate imo

    • why do you think it will not be good? cuz he hasn't released it yet? I don't think he is stupid but very strategic and that's why it hasn't been released yet. it's possibly not exactly the right moment to release such info but very soon imo

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Why isn't it the right moment? Because douche bags in Washington are playing politics? Look at what the market is doing today based on movement on the issues. As I stated previously, this is a political play disconnected from reality. Neither party wants to be know as being part of the default or anything else and they are playing brinksmanship games. Release the news now or give the holders an update on timing.

      • I have decided this is exactly the right moment in time to say that a validation report from BD (has/has not) been completed. The results are.... And we ll move on. Credibility is important since many may have invested based on information published about/concerning BD studies.

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