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  • orangeshadow99 orangeshadow99 Oct 14, 2013 1:35 PM Flag

    Bad news - they didn't include the numbers for a reason

    If the numbers were good, they would have been included in the PR. Plain and simple. It wasn't an "oversight" or simply a poorly written press release.

    I'm a die-hard long, but this thing is about to come right back down w/o more news

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    • Crazy thought but what if they did come out tomorrow with actual numbers that were good. After all this chest beating it would likely kick this thing into overdrive. And quite frankly from what we've seen from GC so far that is a possibility. He seems to really enjoy holding his cards close to his chest. Again why would he bring in the group he has brought in and let them in at the levels they are getting in, especially when you consider that these kind of things usually provide an even better entry level than they got. And why would they put up their money unless they were pretty sure. And when he was out shopping to set up this deal, how was he able to keep the report info from being really leaked other than big bangs whatever source. I am pretty sure, I would not sit down at the poker table with him. As I said earlier there does not appear to be a large short base in this stock, so how better to create the same kind of reaction that a huge short base brings out than to put in an implied short base, thus creating an implied bear trap. Just a bunch of hooey probably but what if ?///////////

    • What does ALL mean?.... "The data produced by the Custom Technology Team at BD in this study demonstrates that CD69 was increased in response to mitogenic stimulation with both PWM and PHA across all control samples" ....from today's PR.. For example it could mean 100% but most in science would avoid such claims at this stage in product development. Good news is , it does not say," Almost All". That would drive me nuts.

    • This may just be a precursor! Agree, the numbers Must and Will be relesed. Makes no sense holding it back whatever they are! Infact Leads to unnecessary suspicion as you have exhibited. Gerald may be preparing a second PR with numbers as we speak, released before open tomorrow.

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    • world wide good news
      "...We believe LymPro has the potential to become a critical component in the diagnosis paradigm of Alzheimer's disease worldwide."

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