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  • riskreturn168 riskreturn168 Oct 21, 2013 10:58 AM Flag

    The Novartis Factor

    We are all wondering what catalyst will move our pps above .10 cents for 20 days. I am betting that Novartis will have something to do with it. (To be fair, Watsonhelper, Bigbang, & JPetrolnc have all said this long before I got on the bandwagon) However, I wish to add my two cents. As you know, I spoke with Gerald for about an hour at the Aegis Conference in Las Vegas three weeks ago. I asked him why he hadn't publically commented on the grant the scientist in Helsinki got for his study on MANF/Diabetes? He flashed a big smile and said, "And you won't hear me say anything about it now, either." He wasn't being rude, he was smiling hugely, but it intrigued me. I then said: "Some people have been reporting that Novartis has been doing studies with MANF/Diabetes also, is that true?" He said, "Oh yeah, but you won't hear me say anything about that either," and his smile turned into a big laugh! Obviously, Gerald is under some NDA about MANF/Diabetes as it pertains to Novartis and somehow that includes the Helsinki Scientist's work too. What would happen to our stock price if Novartis issued a Press Release reporting on very promising results it achieved in it's MANF/Diabetes research and publically stated it would be forming some type of relationship with AMBS to continue this work? Even without a formal partnership, just having Novartis say this about MANF would push our pps above .10 cents. IMHO

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    • If any of the Big Hitters in Pharma come in and say anything that indicates any sort of interest, my gut tells me that 0.10 is way under what the market will value AMBS at. I've seen price targets being thrown around from 0.10 to $15.00. With the pipeline and potential and the fact that NOBODY has what AMBS has, trying to lock down a price target if Big Pharma chimes in. MANF applications are turning out to be numerous, and even one of the ones you reference above could be monumental.

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