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  • helperwatson helperwatson Dec 18, 2013 4:11 PM Flag


    I had to stop in and congratulate longs on patience. Watch for the Dr. Mart or Timo data to come back in Q1 of '14 on MANF's attack against Type 1. You'll see a whole new love affair with MANF. You might be able to email the doctors yourself and get some info if you are professional and don't dig too much. They can talk about some, but only will with diabetics, not investors. Lympro is baked and done, just wait for the door to open, I think some will be surprised with BD. Timing is everything, do it in a regular PR, or on a world stage? Regardless of being on Tor, I am not replying to emails. Please don't take offense, too risky. Best to all this Xmas and New Year.

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    • Professor Mart Saarma receives $ 495 000 for diabetes research

      August 7, 2013

      The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) has awarded a research grant of $ 495 000 for three years for supporting a collaborative team headed by Professor Mart Saarma at the Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki and Professor Timo Otonkoski at Biomedicum Stem Cell Center. The aim of the project is to study therapeutic potential of neurotrophic factor MANF (Mesencephalic Astrocyte-derived Neurotrophic Factor) in preclinical research for type 1 diabetes. The therapeutic effect of MANF will be studied using rodent and human pancreatic islets, b -cell lines and in rodent models of diabetes.

      Professor Mart Saarma's team is currently studying the structure, biology and therapeutic potential of neurotrophic factors GDNF, CDNF and MANF for neurodegenerative diseases. The indication for neurotrophic factor MANF to be a candidate therapeutic factor for diabetes came from Dr. Maria Lindahl´s work (Saarma group, Institute of Biotechnology). These studies showed that Manf-deficient mice were diabetic due to progressive loss of insulin-producing pancreatic b -cells. The team in the collaborative project includes top experts in the fields of endocrinology, neurosciences and genetic engineering of mice.

      Prof. Timo Otonkoski is a pediatrics endocrinologist whose research topic for many years has been in the development and renewal of insulin-producing pancreatic b -cells. Dr. Maria Lindahl´s research has focused on the role of neurotrophic factors in the endocrine system by developing and analysing several genetically modified mice models. Dr. Jari Rossi (Institute of Biomedicine) has extensive experience in genetically engineered mice, and studying energy balance and metabolism. Doctoral students M.Sc. Tatiana Danilova and MD Erik Palm will be tightly involved in the project by working on cell lines, rodent islets and mouse models. MD Elina Hakonen will focus on human islets a

    • Would like to know if more funding from JDNF will follow:
      Name: Fumihiko Urano ,MD, PhD
      Washington University School of Medicine, USA
      Lab Website:

      Project duration: 01-JAN-2013 to 31-DEC-2013
      Innovative Pilot Studies (Non-Annual)

      Project grant award: $150,000.00*

      * Total Grant award amount may vary depending on budget adjustments and it is contingent upon research progress and availability of JDRF research funds. File No: 47-2012-760

      (Abstract Dt: 14-JUN-2012)

      Therapeutic Area: Beta Cell Therapies

      Grant Status: Active

      Project Title
      Identifying beta cell ER stress biomarkers for predicting type 1 diabetes

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    • Don't forget Dr.Urano and the diabetes paper that was just published.
      How does MANF work with the thioredoxin-interacting protein that causes apoptosis?
      Collectively, our results suggest that TXNIP is a potential therapeutic target for diabetes and ER stress-related human diseases such as Wolfram syndrome.

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    • Watson! This is the greatest message board of all my stocks...hands down! There is definitely something special going on here no doubt about it.

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    • Watson,

      Thank you for stopping in. Your comments are highly valued by many folks on this board - forget the fools. It is rather obvious that you are an individual with keen insight. Please don't shy away from offering your opinions on the various topics regarding AMBS. Although many her are in it simply from an investor standpoint, many are also here for the medical breakthroughs, such as me and many others.

      P.S. Wishing you and all your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Live, love, laugh...


    • Thanks Watson!!!!!! Patience is a virtue..Alway,s a pleasure too hear from you!!!!!! You and your family have a great holiday.

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    • Thanks!

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    • Helper...there is an irish expression..."All the Best". BD will be good to see.

    • Congrats to you...Dr. Watson I presume? I'd love to have a confidential chat with you. Personal message me. Thanks.

    • Thanks for popping back in, miss your dialogue. I won't bother you with questions, assume you mean the summit will be a platform for more on the diagnostic. The diabetes release is huge, waiting for financial terms, marketplace is outstanding in this area. I think most of our PPS issue here is a lack of getting this out in front of the larger player audience, the summit should really hold some weight on our end, IMO.

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