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  • riskreturn168 riskreturn168 Jan 3, 2014 10:48 AM Flag

    I Guarantee You Gerald is Steaming Mad Right Now!

    During my conversation with Gerald in Las Vegas I could see he was really angry at the manipulation AMBS has suffered from....whoever. As we saw last year, the stock was manipulated up from .01 cent to .19 cents, then back down again to .03 cents. In the last week or so we've seen a mini manipulation from .55 cents to .92 cents and back down again to .063 cents. Clearly, AMBS is not in control of it's stock price. I assure you Gerald is not happy about it.

    I'm sure that once concrete news is announced, especially news involving major influx of money, the stock will go up again. I have no worries about that. But I believe this little exercise the last couple of weeks simply underscores for Gerald the need to UP LIST FAST, in the first half of 2014 rather than the second half. Small OTC stocks are too easy to manipulate. I am sure Gerald will respond with a vengeance in the coming days weeks. These guys doing this to us are a bunch of "asp wipes."

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    • bhuston77 Jan 3, 2014 9:01 PM Flag

      He's soooo mad he's absolutely silent!

    • The only thing that is steaming is the pile of $(h)it that AMBS is.

    • It is still a holiday week, so I would anticipate news next week for sure. I will say he had the opportunity for news on Dec 31st that would have likely maintained the .08 to .09 share price. However, something must have changed their mind as I do not think it was a mistake to have 2 links up on the site for a week basically communicating there would be news. He is likely mad but he also likely expected it after building the expectation for news. No worries though. It will go up just as fast if not faster on significant news.

    • Risk
      everyone fails to mention that the huge price spike to .19 was basically driven by the fact that they were changing ticker because of the naked shorting and the primary reason for the spike was that a VERY LARGE portion of the stock shares were unable to be traded and were locked waiting for new issued shares..thus driving the number allows to trade to a very low number my shares cleared on a Thurday just before the market opened I think and it was before many others I sold at .16-.17 and as soon as all shares were tradable it went to .12 then .09 then I think .07... So the run up was a perfect storm scenario and many were not able to sell to take profits.... I don't like people talking about the .19 without telling the whole truth

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    • Great Risk, but I am disappointed that he has not addressed us yet in 2014. All the back and forth between longs and shorts is old. I expect news very soon, or may sell some or all. Gerald insinuated a lot of good news immediately coming n the new year. He needs to give us "the road map for 2014" now, not in a few weeks. I am long and patient, but it seems everyone has gone radio silent.

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      • Remember, this is still a holiday week for many, and I am not surprised at all. If they are planning a pr, it won't come until next week at the earliest.

      • Everyone seems to agree that we need news from Gerald. Various posters on this board have mentioned that Gerald is a master and a genius at working out his plans for success, therefore if that is the case do we assume that his silence is part of his plan to build great anticipation? Or could it be that he is wise enough to know that if he doesn't really have any news to share at the moment he would only be insulting the intelligence of many of the loyal share holders by saying something that has little substance? If you don't have news you can't report it can you?

      • The Chinese year 4712 begins on Jan. 31, 2014.
        Plenty of time for news and possibly more accumulation.

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